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Updated: 2/12/2011

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blah002.jpg I think part of the reason I've been fighting with the muse is that I've been trying to draw the kinds of pictures that I think I'm supposed to - cute and interesting - rather than drawing what I really feel, which is actually pretty miserable lately. :/
I don't know as drawing this picture really makes me feel any better, but at least I was able to draw something.
Coronas001.jpg Sparks and his good friend DVD Rat share a few Coronas while engaging in sophisticated debate. :)
pizza001.jpg Ah...  Let's hear it for the simple pleasures of life. :)
snack001.jpg I've always enjoyed Zooni's work and her rather unique slant on the universe.  She was nice enough to give me permission to draw her fursona when the muse presented me with this drawing idea. :D
Kappy001.jpg The pencil drawing for my half of an art trade with Kappy Rayne.
Here we have my skunk fursona, Sparks, giving a shoulder massage to a rather pensive looking Kappy. :)
At least, I think she's pensive.  She does look a tad morose.  Or perhaps she's just bored with Sparks' idle babble.  That happens to me a lot. ;)
sillygag001.jpg A silly, PG-rated gag.  Having a bit of fun with the ambiguities of word order. :)
smak!001.jpg I'm sure I can't be the first person to think of this joke.  It seems a bit obvious, but I still think it's funny. :D

Oh, and to any and all birdy gals I know (particularly my adoptive daughter, Blackbird), it's not you! :D  It's just a random, morphic, bird girl. :)

valentine005.jpg Awww....  Skunkies in love. ^_^
fluffySparks001.jpg Another fluffy skunk picture, only this time, as suggested, it's Sparks. :D

He looks pretty goofy. :D

SparksandKassandra001.jpg I've been promising Kassandra that I'd do a picture of her character with mine for some time now.  This isn't too bad for a first try. :)
nosebump001.jpg In a comment on this picture, Kassandra said she wouldn't mind seeing something similar with her and Sparks, so here it is. :)
smitten001.jpg Have you ever been madly in love with someone, but since you were pretty certain that it would only embarass her to know about it, you just had to keep it to yourself?
F-you_001.jpg <vent>
Sometimes, I get tired of being the good-natured doormat.
If you can't be bothered to be civil to me, then try not to be too surprised if I stop making the effort to be civil to you. :P
dinogal003.jpg Heh.  Gotta watch those lines-of-sight! :D
stare001.jpg In regards to this picture, Kassandra (the fairy cheetah) remarked that I should do one like it of her and Sparks.  Always happy to oblige! O:)
orca_gal_002.jpg Ah! This is much better.  I think she actually came out looking almost as I'd pictured her in my head.  Considering that I've not had much practice drawing this sort of creature, I was pretty pleased at how she came out.

I also sketched in Sparks to make it clear she's supposed to be quite big.  It might be tough to tell that without some sort of reference. :)

decisions001.jpg Sparks is beginning to regret having offered to help Jane "Just move a few things." :D
orca_gal_005.jpg Another picture of that orca gal.  Once again, Sparks is included pretty much just for scale.  Unfortunately, I didn't get that right; either he's too big, or she's too small! She's really supposed to be much bigger than he is.  I think the horizonal composition threw me off.  I'll have to try this one again, I think.
orca_gal_006.jpg OK, not this is more like it.  She looks the right size now. :)
pensive002.jpg Just a little doodle of Sparks looking pensive.
pensive003.jpg Sparks, looking pensive or morose, for some reason.  Not sure why; I don't think I've been feeling particularly morose, or anything.  Maybe he's just hungry. :D

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