Sparks sketches (Page 2)

Updated: 10/8/2004

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poster001.jpg This was the title I suggested that Mwerevu should take with her when she was packing DVDs for her storm evacuation.  Can you say 'direct to video'? ;D
wounded001.jpg I may have mentioned that Mwerevu never loses, but I guess she doesn't always emerge unscathed.
cuddle001.jpg Heh.  This is sweet, if somewhat bland.
halloween2002_1p.jpg Vu and Sparks in their Halloween costumes.  Somewhat less risqué than last year's costumes.  I like this pose, but Vu ended up pretty much hidden by my tail! So next week I'll be posting another picture of our costumes, which shows Vu's better.
halloween2002_2p.jpg And, as promised, the second picture of this year's Halloween costumes.  This one shows of Vu's "cat burglar" costume much better.
birthday001.jpg The pencil drawing for Mwerevu's birthday picture.
nekkidvixiehugs001.jpg There's nothing like a nekkidvixiehug to cheer one up when one is feeling down. :)
Ceyna Indigo is ©2003 by her player.
crystal002.jpg Brownie points to anyone who gets this reference. :)

Update: Kudos to all of you who spotted this as being from The Dark Crystal. :)

cavefurs001.jpg Ah, but we've come a long way in the past 20,000 or so years, haven't we?
movie001.jpg Watching a video.  Bet you can't guess which one!
Halloween2003p.jpg Wow, has it been a year already? O_o  It almost slipped my mind to do our Halloween picture.  Fortunately, the muse was kind, and let me have a decent picture fairly quickly. :)

This year's costumes are pretty cute and silly: I have a cheetah costume, and Vu has a skunk one.  A silly gag, I suppose, but I think it's cute. :)

I'm working hard to get the inked and colored version done in time for next week's update, which will be the last before Halloween.

birthday004.jpg 25,000 B.C.: Sparks invents the first birthday present.  This is more of an accomplishment than it seems, seeing as how calendars hadn't been invented yet.

I drew this for Mwerevu's player's birthday.  I won't be coloring it.

AIMicon001.jpg I finally got motivated to make an AIM icon for myself.  I saw a screenshot of my friend Larissa's client, and I was just a blank space with a word balloon coming out of it. :D  I decided that that would just not do. :)  I just use the regular AIM client, myself, where the icon is just a bit of decoration at the bottom of the window, so it never struck me as critical to have an icon.
relaxing002.jpg Me, as Sparks, just kind of relaxin' and chattin' with my good friend, Ceyna Indigo. :)

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