Sparks sketches (Page 1)

Updated: 12/26/2006

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sparks22.jpg Here's a drawing of my skunk fursona, Sparks.  For those of you interested in such things, there's an 'anatomically complete' version of this piccie in the 'adult' section. :D
sparks25.jpg I'm working up a couple of corny Valentine's day piccies of my characters, Sparks and HoneyBadger.  I should have them all done by February 14th.
sparks34.jpg Skunks like peanut butter... sometimes too much. ;D
nude_model001.jpg Mwerevu poses nude for Sparks, but he seems to be thinking of something else.
kitchen001.jpg Sparks and Mwerevu, cooking in the kitchen.  I'm not sure what they're cooking, though.  I thought it was spaghetti sauce, but wouldn't the onions be in it already? Perhaps the onion that Sparks is slicing is for another dish.
halloween001.jpg Hee-hee. :)  Sparks and Mwerevu in their Halloween costumes. :)  I plan to ink and color this one, but I won't be able to complete it by this Halloween.  Ah well. :)  I'm really quite happy with how this one turned out. :)

Oh, Mwerevu is ©2001 by her player.

window_shopping_001.jpg Mwerevu and Sparks again.  This time, they're out window shopping.  (Ooo! Looks like a new X-Box game! ;D )
unos_001.jpg Heh-heh.  Mwerevu and Sparks, out for a nice dinner at a local restaurant. :D  No, not based on an actual event. :)
leisure001.jpg Mwerevu and Sparks enjoying a quiet afternoon at home. :)
leisure002.jpg Another drawing of Mwerevu and Sparks enjoying a cozy afternoon at home. :)
I think this one is worth fixing up, inking, and coloring.
playful001.jpg Heh.  Looks like Sparks is getting playful with Mwerevu.  Yeees... Sparks is in a female form.  Thanks for noticing. :)
blah001.jpg I think artists are like writers.  We eat our own young.  Paralyzed by depression one night, then using that the next day to make a drawing. :D
dyejob04.jpg Another of my 'dye job' pictures.  This time, it's Sparks, dyed with cheetah markings, and trying to strike a Marilyn Monroe type pose, and looking rather foolish. :D
trophy001.jpg Warrior Mwerevu, bringing a trophy from one of her battles to Sparks.
Vu's_004.jpg Mwerevu again, posing with her HoneyBadger and Sparks.
defender003.jpg Here we have an heroic, courageous Sparks, defending a helpless, cowering Mwerevu from a tentacled menace. :)
goodmorning003.jpg Mmmm.  A pleasant good morning snuggle... with coffee! :D

That odd looking clock on the wall is real, by the way.  It belongs to my folks, and should come to me some day. :)

leisure004.jpg Ah, the perfect way to spend a weekend afternoon, after a hearty lunch -- Vu enjoys a game, while I enjoy a nice nap. :)

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