ytaya001.jpg An attempt at drawing Ytaya of FurryMUCK, ©1999 by her player.  Obviously, I have a ways to go on figuring out how to draw her. :D
ytaya002.jpg Another sketch of Ytaya of FurryMUCK.  Much better this time, I think. :)  I'm seeing her as looking quite a lot like the original 'generic mink' drawing I did with her in mind, except that her tail is much bigger and bushier. :)
Oh, Ytaya is ©1999 by her player.
ker-squidge003.jpg Preliminary drawing for krsqdg04.jpg, Toast relaxing in a comfortable, secure location. :)
minkinboots001.jpg Ytaya, FurryMUCK's slinkiest minky, tries to photograph herself modeling her new boots, but her 'assistant' keeps getting into the shot. :)

I took some artistic liberty in combining events from a couple of Ytaya's real life boot modeling photo shoots, for (hopefully) humorous effect. :)  Her new boots are really cool, by the way, although those laces took a bit of effort to draw right. :D

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