sweets00.jpg sweets01.jpg I met a toony skunkette named 'Sweets' in the park a little while back.  I thought she would be well suited to my style (HoneyBadger's pretty much a Fifi LaFume clone, too. :D )  Anyhow, here are my first sketches of what I thought she would look like.
sweets02.jpg sweets03.jpg Some more sketches of Sweets, trying to come up with an idea for a portrait.
sweets05.jpg sweets06.jpg A couple more Sweets drawings.  Could those eyes be any bigger? :D
sweets07.jpg The 'blank' or base drawing for the Sweets tail-waving animation. (See the animations section.)  I tried to use this as an 'anchor' of sorts for all the frames, to keep them from drifting over the course of the animation, with limited success.

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