suzie001.jpg When I posted the 'Nutmeg' drawing, depicting a brown skunkette, I got e-mail from a couple of other brown skunks, including Suzie of Furtoonia.  Well, I looked at a couple of drawings of her by other artists and thought she was pretty cute. :)  I asked for her permission to have a go at drawing her myself, and she said it was ok.
suzie002.jpg Here's a sketch of Suzie, trying to work out what she looks like in my head.  She's a bit toony, so clothes are for protection and style, not modesty.
suzie003.jpg suzie004.jpg suzie005.jpg More Suzie sketches, working out my impression of what her face looks like.
suzie006.jpg suzie007.jpg Now, for some pose ideas.  I'm going to work up the pool sketch as color portrait.

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