shenj001.jpg shenj002.jpg Shenjii drew a really cute piccie of HoneyBadger, and I decided to have a go at drawing her.  The first attempts got roundfiled, but here are a couple that I thought were worth saving. :)
shenj003.jpg shenj004.jpg Shenjii's a cutie. :)  It took my a while to figure out how to draw her, as her look is somewhat different from my usual style, but I think I found a reasonable middle ground between that and her own drawings of herself.
shenj005.jpg Shenjii Mink! :)
I like this drawing alot.  It's very sexy, but not naughty.  I'm going to do up this one as a color portrait. :)

Oh yeah, Shenjii is ©1999 by D. Kruger.

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