sessa001.jpg sessa002.jpg sessa003.jpg A piccie request for Sessa.  She's mostly a wolf, with enough malamute in her to give her some striking reddish markings.  Here are some concept sketches.
sessa004.jpg Here's an effort to show the markings on her back.  They need to be wider, though.  I've done up another sketch showing wider markings on her back, but I haven't scanned it and cleared it with her player yet.  It should be up next week, though. :)
sessa005.jpg Now I need to come up with a pose idea.  I don't think this one's it.

Oh, Sessa is ©2000 by her player. :)

sessa006.jpg sessa007.jpg sessa008.jpg Some more warm-up sketches of Sessa.  I have a nice color portrait in the works based on the pose in the middle.  I should have it up in a week or two. :)

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