Nildro Hain

nildro01.jpg I've been meaning to draw a picture of Nildro Hain from FurryMUCK for some time.  This sketch is kind of cute, apart from the fact that it doesn't really look much like how I see her in my head. :/  I've always had the same problem with Raster too.  I think I know what they look like in my head, but then when I try to draw them I think, "That ain't it."  Maybe it's something about bunnies. :D
nildro02.jpg Another idea for Nildro Hain, which still doesn't look anything like her. :D
nildro03.jpg nildro05.jpg Not bad bunny piccies, but they still don't look like Nildro Hain.
nildro08.jpg I rather like this picture, but (you guessed it) it still doesn't resemble Nildro Hain in the least.
nildro09.jpg nildro10.jpg Although these still don't look like her, they're an improvement.  The less anthropomorphic head suits her better.
nildro11.jpg Nildro Hain says she should look more like Peter Rabbit's mother, which is rather the way I picture her in my head, too.  I guess I'd better get some references and give it a try.  Attempting to draw like Beatrix Potter is a pretty tall order, but even the attempt should help improve my skills. :D
nildrobrau001.jpg nildrobrau002.jpg The other night in the burrow, Nildro Hain was talking about her German heritage.  Later, while chatting with HillBluffer on IM, I got a mental image of Nildro dressed up like the St. Pauli girl, or one of the beer servers at the Munich Oktoberfest.
Here are my first efforts at the concept -- too toony, and just plain ugly.  Nildro is supposed to look more like a Beatrix Potter bunny than a Warner Brothers one.
nildrobrau003.jpg nildrobrau004.jpg Ah, much better.  I spent a lot of time trying to figure out what I was doing wrong.  It turns out that the key trick was pushing the eyes out to the side of the skull.  Anyhow, here's Nildro Hain, in a traditional drindl, serving up some mugs of German beer. :)

Nildro Hain is ©2001 by her player.

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