mystie01.jpg mystie02.jpg mystie03.jpg Here are some attempts to vizualize Mystarasilkember in her forest cat form. :)  I think the center one is closest to the mark.

Mystarasilkember is ©2000 by her player.

mystie04.jpg mystie05.jpg mystie06.jpg More sketches of Mystarasilkember.  I don't know if I'll ever be able to draw her to my satisfaction, as she should look more realistic than toony.
mystie07.jpg Ah well.  I think this is about as realistically as I can draw a forest cat.  Neat eye, though. :)
mystie08.jpg mystie09.jpg mystie10.jpg A few more sketches of Mystarasilkember of FurryMUCK, which may or may not look like her. :)  She's ©2001 by her player.
mystie11.jpg Another sketch of Mystarasilkember, in her forest cat form.  Here, she's studying hard. :)
mystie12.jpg Mystarasilkember, in forest cat form, looking glamorous in nice boots and a pretty dress. :)

Mystarasilkember is ©2001 by her player.

Mystie15.jpg Mystarasilkember, in her saucy anthro dragon form. :)  Hi Dwaggy! :)

I'm glad I warmed up with the generic 'dragonette' pictures; I think I was able to do Mystie better justice that way.  See? She even has some muscle definition. :)

Mystarasilkember, in all her forms, saucy or otherwise, is © her player. :)

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