melsk001.jpg melsk002.jpg Melskunk! I think she's so cool. :)  I want to draw a nice piccie of her, but boy, is that ever a tall order.  She's already been drawn by so many artists, most of them much better than myself.  Ah well.  I'll do my best.  Here are a couple of very rough sketches.
melsk003.jpg melsk004.jpg I got some positive response to the sketches of MelSkunk I posted about a month ago, including some from Mel herself.  I feel kind of guilty about that, 'cause they seemed like pretty feeble efforts to me.  Anywhoo, I decided I'd better try to do a few real drawings of her. :)  First, here are a couple more rough sketches.
melsk005.jpg A picture of MelSkunk, just kind of standing there.
melsk006.jpg <grin> I hope I don't get in trouble for this one. :D
melsk007.jpg Wings....  Why did it have to be wings? I can do passably well with bat type wings, but feathered wings are so tough. :(  They also present certain composition problems.  I guess I need to practice more.
melsk008.jpg melsk009.jpg A couple more sketches of MelSkunk.  I still want to do a proper color portrait of her, I just need to practice drawing wings some more... and come up with a pose idea. :/
melsk010.jpg When MelSkunk said that she worked security at AC this year, the idea of drawing her in a police uniform popped into my head.  The concept needs more fiddling, but I like it so far. :)

Oh, MelSkunk is ©2000 by her player.

melsk011.jpg Still trying to draw Mel in a police uniform.  Why is she so difficult to get exactly right? :D

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