kamida01.jpg kamida02.jpg kamida04.jpg I'm trying to draw Kamida.  She's supposed to look like the drawing done by Conna Stevenson; problem is, that's not really my style at all. :/
kamida05.jpg A very rough sketch of Kamida.  I still want to do a piccie of her, and I'm trying to work out what she looks like in my head.  I haven't had such trouble visualizing a character since drawing Raster. :D
kamida06.jpg kamida07.jpg kamida08.jpg Some sketches of Kamida.  It's been a while since I looked at the Cuanu piccie of her, so I'm having a bit more luck drawing the way I see her in my head.
kamida09.jpg Another sketch of Kamida.  Oh, she's copyright 1998 by her hy00man.
kamida10.jpg I'm giving drawing Kamida of FurryMUCK another try, now that I've had a chance to clear my head of all the images that just plain weren't working for me. :/
This looked promising, but not quite right either.  I realised what I didn't like here were the eyes, so...
kamida11.jpg kamida12.jpg ...I changed them.  A mental image of what I think Kamida looks like is starting to form up in my head.  I like the eyes this way, although some fine-tuning is indicated.  I also like the fly-away headfur.  I think it should be feathered even more, though, approaching the 'anti-gravity' hair or Cuanu Colfax. :D
Oh, Kamida is ©1999 by her player. :)
kamida13.jpg More Kamida head sketches.
kamida14.jpg Here's a pretty nice pencil drawing of Kamida, looking ky00t. :)
kamida15.jpg kamida16.jpg A couple of rough sketches for a full body portrait of Kamida.  The first one's just a proportion test, but I rather like the second one.  I think she looks a little too old in both of them, though.  She looks about nine, and I gather she's supposed to be about six.

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