kalli001.jpg A preliminary sketch for another picture request.  This is Kallisto of FurryMUCK.  She's a German shepard.  I don't really have any pose ideas yet, I'm just trying to get clear in my head what the character should look like.
Kallisto is ©1999 by her player.
kalli002.jpg kalli003.jpg kalli004.jpg More sketches of Kallisto of FurryMUCK, just trying to work out what I think she looks like.  Kallisto is ©1999 by her player.
kalli005.jpg kalli006.jpg More sketches of Kallisto.  She looks a little grouchy in the one on the right. :)
kalli007.jpg kalli008.jpg Yup.  More sketches of Kallisto.
kalli009.jpg Another preliminary sketch of Kallisto of FurryMUCK.  I think this is the one I'll try and make into the final color portrait.

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