holly001.jpg Piccie request! This is Holly from FurryMUCK; you may have met her in the burrow.  This is a preliminary sketch, trying to figure out her jacket, mostly.  She's supposed to have glasses, but I kept forgetting them.
holly002.jpg holly003.jpg Getting the hang of the outfit, now, although I still forgot the gold glasses. :/  She's also too lanky; she's not supposed to be a tall mouse.
holly004.jpg Getting close.  I think the skirt needs some pleats or something, as it looks a smidge frumpy on the shorter mouse.  (Fashion's not really my forte, though).  About this time, Holly pointed out that I'd been forgetting the glasses.  Hopefully that won't happen again. :)

Holly is ©1999 by her player.

holly005.jpg holly006.jpg A couple more Holly Sketches....
I remembered the glasses this time. :)

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