gynger02.jpg gynger03.jpg Sketchs of Gyngerfox of FurryMUCK.
gynger06.jpg Quick doodle of Gyngerfox as a... whatever you call these things. :D
gynger09.jpg Almost the final for the Gyngerfox 'Macarena' piccie.
gynger11.gif Slightly odd sketch of Gyngerfox.
gynger12.gif A rather nice (I think) Gyngerfox sketch.
gynger17.jpg A slightly sultry Gyngerfox sketch.  Yes, she's wearing a collar. <grin>  I just thought it would look cute. :D
gynger21.jpg Another Gyngerfox sketch.  Where are 18, 19, and 20, you ask? You'll never see them. :P :D
gynger24.jpg One of my better drawings of Gyngerfox, methinks. :)
gynger25.jpg An effort to break away from the monotonous 3/4 view.  I seem to do that angle a lot. :/
gynger26.jpg A couple of drawings of Gyngerfox, done in a more toony style.
gynger27.jpg A sketch of Gyngerfox. Experimenting with a different style for the eyes.
gynger28.jpg Yet another eye variation.
gynger34.jpg gynger35.jpg Another couple of drawings of Gyngerfox.  I was experimenting with eyes and the mouth in the second one, with mixed results.
gynger36.jpg A very rough sketch for a picture of Gyngerfox doing her 'shell dance'.   I intend to do a nice color piccie of this. :)
gynger40.jpg Gyngerfox having a bit of computer trouble.  I hope this picture doesn't jinx her. :D
gynger42.jpg A whimsical picture of Gyngerfox enjoying a nice, relaxing, float in the pool. :)
gynger46.jpg Gyngerfox as Jungle Girl.  I kind of like this concept and would like to do a better drawing of it.
gynger47.jpg Just a sketch of Gyngerfox in no particular pose.
gynger48.jpg A sketch for another piccie of Gyngerfox in a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader's uniform.
gynger50.jpg Another picture of Gyngerfox in the 'Jungle Girl' outfit.  Maybe it needs a pith helmet.  I rather like to see her headfur, though. :)
gynger51.jpg This is really just another one of those 'pointless figure' sketches, but I decided that if I was going to do those, I might as well draw someone instead of no one. :D  Yes, I know there are no clothes, but it's not really a nude.  It's just a practice figure.
gynger52.jpg This is basically another general 'figure study', which is why it's not on the adult page even though there's no clothing.  I've pretty much decided that if nothing's showing, and the pose isn't suggestive, it's ok to post these on the main site. Hey, Ken Singshow gets away with it on Yerf. :D  I also decided that rather than always do figure studies with generic furs, why not make a drawing of a real fur, so this is a sketch of Gyngerfox. :)
One more note: I saw a couple of cute piccies by Jessica Willard showing lady furs wearing little waist chains.  I thought the look was darned cute (and sexy) so I added one here. :)

(This may win the long description award.  I wonder if anyone reads these... )

gynger54.jpg Another 'figure study'; a sketch of Gyngerfox.
gynger55.jpg gynger56.jpg A couple of sketches of Gyngerfox in her Valentine's Day outfit.  I'd been holding off on putting them up until I got at least one color piccie done.  Actually, I was going to wait until Valentine's Day to post them, but Gynger said she wanted them up a couple of weeks ahead of time so that she could wear the costume on FurryMUCK for a while. :)  These two show the outfit pretty well, but the face isn't quite right.
gynger57.jpg gynger59.jpg A couple more sketches of Gyngerfox in her Valentine's Day outfit (or partly in it. ;D )  These are the ones I chose to make into color piccies, since they're darned cute, and the face looks like her. :)
stckrs01.jpg Ok, here's the story.  One night, Gyngerfox was in the burrow, talking about her kids' accomplishments and puffing out her chest with pride.  Well, she puffed out so much, that her shells popped off.  No problem.  HoneyBadger just slapped on a couple of happy-face stickers. :)
I guess you had to be there. :D  Anyhow, here's my first sketch showing Gyngerfox in her stickers. (and one remaining shell)
stckrs02.jpg This is a very rough sketch of HoneyBadger slapping the happy-face stickers on Gyngerfox.  I had to scan it at this stage as part of the process of making the final drawing, and I thought folks might like to see what a work in progress looks like.
stckrs04.jpg stckrs05.jpg Just a couple more pencil drawings of Gyngerfox in her stickers. :)
There's actually one more, but the pose was a bit too sexy, so I put it in the 'adult' section. :)
gynger71.jpg Here's a little idea that popped into my head the other night when Raster and Gyngerfox were bathing in the sink

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