kite001.jpg The other day, Darksilver mentioned that she was going out to fly her kite in the park that afternoon, and this idea popped into my head. :D  I'm sure she has a nice, modern kite of some sort, but I opted for a more old-fashioned type. :)

Darksilver, the world's most famous dracat, is ©2002 by her player.

kite002.jpg I was going to color kite001.jpg, a picture of the famous Dracat, Darksilver, but there were several things about that drawing that I just wasn't satisfied with.  Things that couldn't be fixed with just a quick touch-up when preparing to ink and color, such as the position of her left leg, the kind of 'light-bulby' shape of the head, and the flatness of the composition.  So I did something I rarely do - I just redrew the concept from scratch. :)  I'm much happier with this version, and will ink and color it fairly soon. :)

Darksilver is ©2002 by her player.

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