Ceyna Indigo

ceyna001.jpg Some time ago, I was going to do a drawing of Ceyna Indigo, but it never got past the sketch phase.  Recently, I've had more success with drawing her, but this was the original sketch which just sat for a long time.
I decided to have another go at trying to draw Ceyna Indigo of FurryMUCK.
Here are some more sketches.
ceyna004.jpg ceyna005.jpg ceyna007.jpg ceyna008.jpg  
ceyna010.jpg ceyna011.jpg ceyna012.jpg Some more sketches of Ceyna Indigo of FurryMUCK.
ceyna015.jpg ceyna016.jpg Yup.  A couple more Ceyna indigo sketches.
ceyna020.jpg Ceyna Indigo waves.
ceyna021.jpg Ceyna Indigo running.  I think she turned out rather stiff and wooden for an action pose. :/
ceyna022.jpg ceyna023.jpg ceyna025.jpg Ceyna Indigo in some perky action poses.  I don't know if she's supposed to be dancing or what.
I'm going to try to do a color piccie using the last pose.
ceyna026.jpg Ceyna Indigo, just kind of standing there.
ceyna028.jpg ceyna029.jpg A couple of drawings of Ceyna Indigo in a morose and pensive mood.
ceyna035.jpg ceyna036.jpg A couple of head sketches of Ceyna Indigo.
ceyna037.jpg A sketch of Ceyna Indigo striking a pose... or screwing in a light-bulb or something. :D
ceyna038.jpg Ceyna Indigo in a pensive mood.
ceyna045.jpg ceyna046.jpg A couple of mediocre pencil drawings of Ceyna Indigo, trying a slightly different way of drawing her.  If you think these are bad, you should see the first tries.  One learns by practicing, though.  I'll keep trying. :)
ceyna047.jpg Just a doodle of Ceyna Indigo.  The proportions are way off. :D
nekkidvixiehugs001.jpg There's nothing like a nekkidvixiehug to cheer one up when one is feeling down. :)
Ceyna Indigo is ©2003 by her player.
relaxing002.jpg Me, as Sparks, just kind of relaxin' and chattin' with my good friend, Ceyna Indigo. :)

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