Anita 'Buzz' Brambles

buzz002.jpg Hmm.  I'm not sure this picture needs much explanation.  Anita 'Buzz' Brambles; She's cute, and she has donuts. :)  She's also ©2001 by 'Angry' Dave Stauber.
buzz004.jpg Another sketch of Anita 'Buzz' Brambles.  She's a lot of fun to draw. :)
buzz005.jpg Anita 'Buzz' Brambles again, enjoying a good stretch.  I'm working on a color version of this one, (fixed up the arms/paws too).

Buzz is ©2001 by 'Angry' Dave Stauber.

HawaiianBuzz001.jpg I can't remember exactly what inspired this.  I think it was the same conversation that inspired the 'castaway HoneyBadger' drawing.  Anyhow, here's Buzz, gone native out on the islands. :)

Anita 'Buzz' Brambles is ©2001 by 'Angry' Dave Stauber.

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