Some rough sketches of Bigears I did while working on his portrait.
ears_01.gif Earliest idea.  The hazard with fennecs is that they have a way of looking like bats.
ears_02.gif ears_03.gif Some refinement, mostly turning bat ears into fennec ears.
ears_04.gif Pretty much the final portrait, except the forelegs are too straight.
ears_05.gif A sketch of Bigears with his new glasses. :)
brap_001.jpg Bigears, being burped by his mama, lets one rip. :D
switch01.jpg A sketch for another of those dye-job piccies.
beep001.jpg He can't quite reach. :D

Bigears is ©2000 by Richard Story.

hug001.jpg This one's for Mavra, to whom I've promised a drawing of Bigears hugging his mama for years (literally).  Hi Mavra! I hope you like it. :)

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