Alpha Dingo

alphad01.jpg Alpha Dingo's player sent me an e-mail asking if I could do a piccie of her character.  I get the impression, from what I've seen on Yerf, that she's been working her way through the list of artists there. :D  Well, I'm game.  I've always thought that the character was cute and interesting, so I agreed to have a go at it.
Here is my first sketch.  As you can see, I need a lot more practice before doing a serious drawing of the character.
Alpha Dingo is copyright 1999 by her player.
alphad02.jpg alphad03.jpg alphad04.jpg More practice drawings of Alpha Dingo.  I keep making the head too small, and it took me a while to get the eye.  She also says the ears should be bigger.
alphad05.jpg This is the one I'm going to try to turn into the final color drawing for Yerf.  The head and ears still need to be bigger, but both her player and I like this pose best.  If you look back to the first sketch, you'll see that it's the pose that first came to mind.
alphad06.jpg alphad07.jpg A couple more Alpha Dingo sketches, and rather crappy ones at that.  The one on the left is a pose showing her worn out and resting from all the other action poses. :D
alphad08.jpg alphad09.jpg A couple more practice sketches of Alpha Dingo.  The one on the right is pretty much the final design I intend to use for the color portrait; with a little last-minute twiddling.
The one on the left is supposed to be a gag.  It's a sort of 'flashing' pose, but she really ain't got nuttin' to hide.  And she wears a rather unconcealing toony outfit to begin with.  Get it? Well, I thought it was amusing, anyways. :D  Mmm... nice fluff, though. ;D

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