Mwerevu sketches (Page 4)

Updated: 10/8/2004

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yawn002.jpg Some people just aren't "morning people"...

I love the teeth and the cute, curled up tongue.

Halloween2003p.jpg Wow, has it been a year already? O_o  It almost slipped my mind to do our Halloween picture.  Fortunately, the muse was kind, and let me have a decent picture fairly quickly.

This year's costumes are pretty cute and silly: I have a cheetah costume, and Vu has a skunk one.  A silly gag, I suppose, but I think it's cute.

I'm working hard to get the inked and colored version done in time for next week's update, which will be the last before Halloween.

birthday004.jpg 25,000 B.C.: Sparks invents the first birthday present.  This is more of an accomplishment than it seems, seeing as how calendars hadn't been invented yet.

I drew this for Mwerevu's player's birthday.  I won't be coloring it.

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