Mwerevu sketches (Page 3)

Updated: 10/8/2004

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argh!001.jpg Car trouble and rain are a lousy combination.
spacevixens003.jpg I had to finish this drawing just this morning so I'd have something to upload today. :D  I've been kind of busy this past week with other stuff. :)

Anyhow, here are Mwerevu and HoneyBadger as a pair of space vixens.

birthday001.jpg The pencil drawing for Mwerevu's birthday picture.
sweatergirls001.jpg HoneyBadger and Mwerevu, posing as a couple of "sweater girls".  Mwerevu looks better in a sweater than Honey does, for some reason.
crystal002.jpg Brownie points to anyone who gets this reference. :)

Update: Kudos to all of you who spotted this as being from The Dark Crystal. :)

spacevixens005.jpg Here are Mwerevu and HoneyBadger as the 'Space Vixens' again, this time in action.  They're kitted out with more of their combat gear, and involved in some sort of intense situation.
spacevixenvu001.jpg Sexy Space Vixen Vu peels out of her combat jumpsuit.
SWG001.jpg Players of Star Wars: Galaxies may recognize this outfit and pose.  It's from a picture that Vu showed me on the SWG web site which shows what the females of the various species in the game look like.  Among them was a Twi'lek dancing girl, in this rather fetching outfit and sultry pose. ;)
cavefurs001.jpg Ah, but we've come a long way in the past 20,000 or so years, haven't we? :)
beachbabes001.jpg HoneyBadger and Mwerevu, sunning themselves at the beach.  Guys always seem to gather around them, for some reason.  I wonder why?
movie001.jpg We're watching a video.  Bet you can't guess which one!
evil_Vu_002.jpg Here we have Evil Vu, preparing to go out and commit acts of wicked cruelty - savaging the meek and the helpless, and viciously tormenting the stupid and clueless....

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