Mwerevu sketches (Page 2)

Updated: 12/26/2006

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mwerevu015.jpg Here's Mwerevu again, liking her fang thoughtfully.  I think she's pondering chocolate chip cookies. :)

Mwerevu is still ©2002 by her player. :)

trophy001.jpg Warrior Mwerevu, bringing a trophy from one of her battles to Sparks.
pet003.jpg Mwerevu fuzzling HoneyBadger's headfur.
cheetahs001.jpg A couple of cheetahbabes, showing off their markings.  (I suspect that one of them might be a fake. ;D )
Vu's_004.jpg Mwerevu again, posing with HoneyBadger and Sparks
defender003.jpg Here we have an heroic, courageous Sparks, defending a helpless, cowering Mwerevu from a tentacled menace. :)
for_toast001.jpg Heh. :)  I think the title says it all.  Here, HoneyBadger and Mwerevu pose saucily for Toastifer.  I hope he likes it. :)
goodmorning003.jpg That odd looking clock on the wall is real, by the way.  It belongs to my folks, and should come to me some day.
dancers006.jpg Heh, HoneyBadger and Mwerevu, putting on a show. :)  The pose may be a tad awkward, but that was so that the picture could be posted in the non-adult area without offending any delicate sensibilities. O:)

For a more natural pose, you'll have to look in the adult section. :)

cornered001.jpg Uh-oh... It looks like Mwerevu is losing a fight.
walkies001.jpg I had two ideas on my idea pile: HoneyBadger in a harem slave outfit, and Mwerevu in a bodice, skirt, and stompy boots.  I really didn't have a good pose idea for either concept, though, until I combined the two. :)  Here we have Mwerevu taking haremratel HoneyBadger out for walkies.
poster001.jpg This was the title I suggested that Mwerevu should take with her when she was packing DVDs for her storm evacuation.  Can you say 'direct to video'? ;D
wounded001.jpg I may have mentioned that Mwerevu never loses, but I guess she doesn't always emerge unscathed.
cuddle001.jpg Heh.  This is sweet, if somewhat bland.
thunder001.jpg Warrior Vu, showing off her gentler side.
halloween2002_1p.jpg Vu and Sparks in theiar Halloween costumes.  Somewhat less risqué than last year's costumes.  I like this pose, but Vu ended up pretty much hidden by my tail! So next week I'll be posting another picture of our costumes, which shows Vu's better.
halloween2002_2p.jpg And, as promised, the second picture of this year's Halloween costumes. :)  This one shows of Vu's "cat burglar" costume much better.

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