HoneyBadger sketches (Page 6)

Updated: 4/7/2007

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Anything vainer than a furry?

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for_toast001.jpg Heh. :)  I think the title says it all.  Here, HoneyBadger and Mwerevu pose saucily for Toastifer.  I hope he likes it. :)
dancers006.jpg Heh, HoneyBadger and Mwerevu, putting on a show. :)  The pose may be a tad awkward, but that was so that the picture could be posted in the non-adult area without offending any delicate sensibilities. O:)

For a more natural pose, you'll have to look in the adult section. :)

walkies001.jpg I had two ideas on my idea pile: HoneyBadger in a harem slave outfit, and Mwerevu in a bodice, skirt, and stompy boots.  I really didn't have a good pose idea for either concept, though, until I combined the two. :)  Here we have Mwerevu taking haremratel HoneyBadger out for walkies.
spacevixens003.jpg I had to finish this drawing just this morning so I'd have something to upload today. :D  I've been kind of busy this past week with other stuff. :)

Anyhow, here are Mwerevu and HoneyBadger as a pair of space vixens.

haremratel001.jpg Here's HoneyBadger as a harem ratel.
sweatergirls001.jpg HoneyBadger and Mwerevu, posing as a couple of "sweater girls".  Mwerevu looks better in a sweater than Honey does, for some reason.
spacevixens005.jpg Here are Mwerevu and HoneyBadger as the 'Space Vixens' again, this time in action.  They're kitted out with more of their combat gear, and involved in some sort of intense situation.
fruit001.jpg HoneyBadger, posing seductively... with a bowl of fresh fruit?

The background is minimal and sketchy, but I think it helps give the scene more life. :)

fruit003.jpg Still life with ratel? HoneyBadger posing with a bowl of fruit again, a cherry held in her teeth.  I'm sure it's all perfectly innocent. O:)
beachbabes001.jpg HoneyBadger and Mwerevu, sunning themselves at the beach.
hy00manHoney001.jpg Here's an idea that's been kicking around inside my head for a while: what HoneyBadger might look like if she were a hy00man. :)

I rather like it.  I mean, you can tell it's her. :)

spacebadger001.jpg Retro space badger! Either saluting or shading her eyes...
ratels10.jpg This picture's either a little late, or very early. :D
shroom001.jpg Anyone else old enough to remember the show In Living Color? No? Well, I'll bet everyone remembers a little animation involving badgers and mushrooms...
HoneyBadger001.jpg I wanted to draw a nice portrait of my HoneyBadger character, with special emphasis on the details of her muzzle and teeth.
I guess I like the way it turned out, but man, she looks kind of creepy. :D
Honeyfaces001.jpg Practicing drawing a variety of expressions using my HoneyBadger character as a model.
booty!001.jpg I haven't drawn my ratel character, HoneyBadger, much lately, but here's a picture of her showing off her assets.  I think she's feeling neglected, and wants attention. :D

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