HoneyBadger sketches (Page 5)

Updated: 10/8/2004

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Anything vainer than a furry?

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poledancer007.jpg poledancer008.jpg More 'HoneyBadger as a pole dancer' piccies.  She's trying to demonstrate that sexy is more a matter of attitude than big boobies. :)
pose_003.jpg Aifa, the badger, doing some bodybuilder poses with Honey.   I need more practice with drawing musculature.
pose_004.jpg Aifa doing another body-builder pose with HoneyBadger. :)
castaway001.jpg Eh.  The face came out weird on this one.  It's 'castaway HoneyBadger'.
halo001.jpg HoneyBadger, polishing a halo on her chest fur.  I guess it was looking a little tarnished. ;)  I'm not sure it it's hers or not. :D
cuffs001.jpg Heh-heh....  Anyone want to play? };D
rage001.jpg Ever have one of those nights when the mindless primitive really wants out?

Here, HoneyBadger takes out her anger and frustration on a hapless cushion, rather than savaging an innocent fur who, quite inadvertently, triggered her fury.

teddy002.jpg Heh-heh.  Teddyratel. :)
stuffed001.jpg Hee-hee. :)  Derivative of an old Far Side cartoon.  The one where the hunter shoots a bear, who is placidly lapping water from a forest pond, and the last panel shows the hapless bear stuffed and posed in an angry, snarling attack pose. :D  Here's the ratel mount at a natural history museum; a certain ratel stuffed in a rather inappropriate pose. :D
nrrdgrrl001.jpg I'm not sure I'd want to try to explain this, even if I could. :D
technobadger001.jpg HoneyBadger as a, well, as a sort of comic book space cadet, in a comic book type action pose. :)
bunnybead001.jpg HoneyBadger models the glass bead I got as a present from Nildro Hain.  Thanks, Bunny Lady. :)  I'm convinced that it's loaded with good karma, and never take it off. :)
hug001.jpg This one's for Mavra, to whom I've promised a drawing of Bigears hugging his mama for years (literally).  Hi Mavra! I hope you like it. :)
ratels09.jpg I never seem to draw male ratels, so here's one, getting a friendly slurp from HoneyBadger. :D  Of course, now I think I see why I never bother.  From most angles, they look about like male skunks. :D
pet003.jpg Mwerevu fuzzling HoneyBadger's headfur.
cheetahs001.jpg A couple of cheetahbabes, showing off their markings.  (I suspect that one of them might be a fake. ;D )
Vu's_004.jpg Mwerevu again, posing with HoneyBadger and Sparks.

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