HoneyBadger sketches (Page 4)

Updated: 3/24/2001

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Anything vainer than a furry?

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honeyb25.jpg Just HoneyBadger, flopped on a rug or something. :)
honeyb28.jpg HoneyBadger trying to strike a 'glamour pose'. :D
heads_22.jpg heads_23.jpg Just some HoneyBadger head/expression sketches.
boots004.jpg HoneyBadger in boots.
honeyb30.jpg I actually had this sketch done a week ago, but I liked the pose so much that I didn't want to give it away until I had the final color version done. :D
honeyb32.jpg Eh.
honeyb33.jpg honeyb34.jpg A couple more HoneyBadger doodles.
boots005.jpg I don't think I'll make boots part of HoneyBadger's basic look, but they do seem to suit her. :D
panties1.jpg It was observed in the burrow the other night that HoneyBadger doesn't wear panties.  Well, that's true, she usually doesn't, but she can.  The funny thing is that she somehow looks more nekkid wearing a pair of panties than she does wearing nothing but her fur. :D
honeyb35.jpg A rather leggy HoneyBadger. :D
beep001.jpg He can't quite reach. :D

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honeyb36.jpg HoneyBadger, trying to look cute.  I think she's using the ol' puppy-dog eyes bit to try and mooch a cookie or something. :D
hula001.jpg Everything old is new again.  First those idiotic, trendy scooters, now the hula hoop. :D
ratels07.jpg A ratel party. :)  I like the concept, but the composition of this drawing is dreadful.  I guess I'll just have to give it another try. :)
poker001.jpg HoneyBadger playing poker.  I think she has a good hand, er, paw. :)
poledancer002.jpg A part-time job? :D  Well, she seems to have picked up a couple of bucks, anyway. :)
poledancer003.jpg poledancer004.jpg Here are a couple more drawings of HoneyBadger in her new part-time job. ;)  I think I'll be doing colored versions of these. :D

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