HoneyBadger sketches (Page 3)

Updated: 8/10/2000

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Anything vainer than a furry?

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honeyb06.jpg A pointless sketch of HoneyBadger just sort of standing around. :)
pinball1.jpg FatBoy was bouncing around the burrow like a pinball the other night.  Here's HoneyBadger acting as a bumper with a hip-check. :D

FatBoy is ©1999 by his player.

honeyb07.jpg HoneyBadger in a slightly anime-ish pose.
honeyb08.jpg Here's an even more anime-ish HoneyBadger. :D
cookie01.jpg I thought a picture of HoneyBadger nibbling on one of Mavra's cookies would be cute....  I was wrong. :D
cookie02.jpg Several folks liked the cookie01.jpg sketch, so I decided to have another go at it.  I'm afraid that it's still just not working for me, so I think I'll just move on.
sweatr01.jpg sweatr02.jpg A couple of sketches of HoneyBadger modeling her new Christmas sweater, a gift from Bigears. :)
honeyb09.jpg HoneyBadger trying to look sexy... not entirely without success, I think. ;D
honeyb10.jpg Uh-oh.  Looks like HoneyBadger's gone bad.  Ooo... evil. ;D
I've got another sketch of this concept that I'm working up into a color piccie, but I'm not gonna post the sketch until I have the whole thing done 'cause I want it to be a surprise. :D
sweatr03.jpg Here's another go at the picture of HoneyBadger in her Christmas sweater.  This one I'm satisfied with, and I'm working it up as a color piccie. :)
scrtch01.jpg HoneyBadger scratching her ear. :D
honeyb11.jpg Here's a sketch of Evil HoneyBadger.  I actually did this a couple of weeks ago, but I didn't want to show it until I had the color version done.
honeyb13.jpg I'm working up a couple of corny Valentine's day piccies of my characters, Sparks and HoneyBadger.  I should have them all done by February 14th.
honeyb15.jpg Some folks seem to like HoneyBadger's teeth for some reason. :)
snow001.jpg Sketch of HoneyBadger building a snow-fur.
honeyb22.jpg Eh.  The face turned out ok on this one, but the pose is kind of goofy.
sketch01.jpg Just a sketch of HoneyBadger that I liked enough to keep.
popcrn01.jpg HoneyBadger, licking Tabasco sauce off of Toast after he jumped into her popcorn.

Oh, if you've never tried popcorn with a bit of Tabasco sprinkled on it, give it a try. :)

maid001.jpg HoneyBadger, looking none too pleased.  Whether at the outfit or at having to clean up, I'm not sure. :D  This one goes in the 'to color' pile too. :D

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