HoneyBadger sketches (Page 1)

Updated: 8/10/2000

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Anything vainer than a furry?

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head1.gif head2.gif A couple of head/face ideas.  Rather flattering, I think.
sit_01.gif Justsitting.
recline1.gif <snicker> the glamour pose.
dash_01.gif piro_02.gif Strange attempts to do an 'interesting' action poses.
floof_01.gif Bigears has this habit of floofing up his mama's fur.
xrcise01.gif The voice of experience.
proto_01.gif proto_02.gif A couple of my earliest sketches of the character.
head3.gif Another self-portrait.
pinup_05.gif Groan.  Is this cloying or what?  An excessively cutesey picture of HoneyBadger.
heads_03.gif A couple of pointless sketches of HoneyBadger.  I kind of like the one on the right.
enls_hb3.gif A preliminary sketch for my only submission to Captain Packrat' fanzine, The Burrow #2.  HoneyBadger sitting comfortably in Enalios' coils.
sit_03.gif A picture of HoneyBadger sitting.
head4.gif Mediocre HoneyBadger piccie.
heads_10.jpg A couple of pointless HoneyBadger heads.  I think the one on the right is a little different.
head_010.jpg Another HoneyBadger sketch.  I rather like the cheesy grin, though. :D
head_011.jpg <sigh> Yet another pointless HoneyBadger sketch.
hb_001.jpg A pointless sketch of HoneyBadger in a dynamic pose.

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