General furry sketches (Page 9)

Updated: 8/8/2000

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reya_001.jpg reya_002.jpg Another piccie request.  This is Reya, a white, winged tiger.  These are my initial ideas.
reya_003.jpg reya_004.jpg I've sort of gone with a 'tiger kid' concept here.  Wings... why did it have to be wings? :(
bunny026.jpg It's a bunny girl.  Not much more to say about it, really. :)
cat_019.jpg A pretty cat girl running.
mouse030.jpg ...and a pretty mouse girl just kind of standing there. :D
c_m_001.jpg A cat and mouse in a classic 'Love or Lunch?' pose.  I like the ambiguity; what are her intentions? :D
cat_020.jpg We had a bit of a storm here in New England last week.  I was rather on the edge of it, so it wasn't so bad for me.  I was kind of hoping winter was over, though.  Let's hope that was it's last fling. :)
vixen048.jpg cat_021.jpg crit_015.jpg Just some pointless generic furry sketches.
mink_001.jpg Hmmm...  This is basically just another pointless figure, this time a mink.  I debated about putting this in the 'adult' section because she's got a 'four-pack', but I decided that that's just a feature of some furs, not unlike digitigrade feet.  If anyone's offended by this sort of thing, let me know.
cat_022.jpg A cat girl! She's either some sort of a super hero or space-cadet, or she has an appalling fashion sense. :D
mouse031.jpg A mousie! Another pointless figure sketch, really, but kinda cute. :)
mouse032.jpg As promised, a fur with glasses.  I think lady furs with glasses are so cute, and I keep meaning to draw more of them.
kiss_002.jpg Most of my drawings seem to be single characters.  I've decided that one of the areas in which I need some work is compositions involving more than one character, so this is basically a 'pointless figure' sketch, only with two figures.  I think a nice kiss is a good place to start, though. :)
bunny027.jpg SPACE BUNNY! :D  Now here's a sketch I like.  I think I can turn this into a good picture.  I love when something like this just appears on the paper; it makes all the pointless heads and figures worth-while.  I just wish that I knew of some way to make it happen more often.
cats_002.jpg This is basically another exercise in composition; this time, a cat-fight. :D
fox_004.jpg 'Nother pointless figure: a fox, kind of floating, jumping, or falling.

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