General furry sketches (Page 70)

Updated: 1/7/2012

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Kirruu_toony_001.jpg ... and, in an effort to get un-stuck, a toonified doodle of the character. :D
wolf_doodle_001.jpg Doodle of a random, non-anthro wolf (another effort to get un-stuck).
doodles031.jpg I wouldn't generally post a doodle page like this, but that critter on the lower left turned out so ky00t! I think she's an otter.
feral002.jpg Not sure what this is.  It's not quite a sergal, but it's a bit pointy to be a wolf.
kittyleap001.jpg Kitty gal in a random, action-y pose.  Looks like she might be playing volleyball.
lynx003.jpg It's a lynx.  No, really.
beachkitty005.jpg And.... just in time for winter, here's a cute cat gal enjoying a day at the beach!

Maybe she's in the southern hemisphere. :)

vixlette003.jpg Just a random doodle of sumpin' cute and friendly. :)
skunk071.jpg A rather androgynous skunk.  I believe I intended it to be female, but it's kind of hard to tell. :D
Cally001.jpg The Muse speaks!

This character actually came to me in a dream last weekend.  One of those dreams that's so vivid, clear, and coherant, that it's like watching a movie (in this case, I think the movie would be 'Hanna'. :D ). She came complete with appearance, back-story, name, etc. I can't recall the last time I so urgently wanted to capture, on paper, the images of a character that seemed so complete in my head, and this time, at least, I wasn't utterly thwarted by my artistic limitations.

The problem is: the character came complete with a name, 'Cally'.  I have several problems with this name, but I don't feel like I have the right to change it.  1) The name is something of a cat-girl cliché, as in 'short for calico'.  2) I'm fully aware of Cally Highfield's "Cally Cat" character.  3) but worst of all, it's my sister's nickname (although I'm quite sure that this character does not in any way, shape, or form represent my sister. :D )

Cally002.jpg Working here on trying to pin down some of the character's details while the images from my dream were still fresh in my head.  Here, the pattern of her black-and-white markings, and the oddly shell-like ears, looking in some ways more mouse-like than cat-like.
Cally_snarl_001.jpg The character is somewhat scrawny-looking, and quite small, but is apparently lethally dangerous, and seems to have a major beef with the world in general...
Cally003.jpg Hmm... not quite right...
Cally_coloring_001.jpg Just a bit of shading to more clearly capture how I saw the character's coloring.
Cally004.jpg Not too far from what I was seeing.  The attitude seems right, anyway. :D
Cally005.jpg Inked and colored version of my first attempt to get down on paper what the "Cally" character looked like in my dream.  I feel like I got closest on my first attempt, while she was still fresh in my head, and have subsequently just gotten worse. :P
Cally_body_study_001.jpg A body study of the Cally character, to help me pin down that she's supposed to be quite slender; even scrawny.  I'd noticed that I'd been kind of beefing her up too much.

She's also supposed to be quite short, although that's tough to tell from my drawings.  I'll have to draw something that shows scale.

warriorskunkette003.jpg Inked and colored version of a drawing I did... back in February, I think, of a fierce (but cute!) tribal warrior skunk gal.

Glad to see that all the time I spent coloring in the light parts with the cream-colored pencil didn't go to waste. :P  Freakin' scanner. :D

Cally_jump_001.jpg A somewhat unsuccessful attempt to draw the Cally character leaping.  Will try again...
Cally_landing_001.jpg Still pinning down how my 'Cally' character should look.  Here's a picture of her landing after some sort of leap.

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