General furry sketches (Page 7)

Updated: 8/8/2000

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psally07.jpg Just a Princess Sally piccie.  I saw one done by Doodles that I really liked, and got to wanting to do a couple. Yes, I know.  Princess Sally piccies bug the heck out of some folks. :D  Well, just don't click the thumbnail, then. :D
vixen033.jpg I rather like this one, despite a few glaring flaws.  I'm not sure exactly where in my brain it came from.  I saw a piccie of a fur holding what I mistook for a white cane.  It turned out it wasn't, but it put the thought in my head.  It's a blind vixen.
psally09.jpg Another Princess Sally piccie.  I figure 'freedom fighting' would be tougher work than they make out in the comics, so here she is a little older, (a little curvier), a little tougher, meaner, better armed, and minus an eye. :D
crit_014.jpg It's a, um, a fox? A cat with a long snout?
toes001.jpg I saw a couple of piccies where the characters were standing with their toes turned in, and I thought the pose was kind of cute.  The entry in my ideas list simply reads 'Turned in toes'.  I started with the stance and the rest of the piccie just sort of appeared, hence the odd pose.
Funny how just a few graphite marks left off the paper can keep it from having to go on the 'adult' page. :D
mice001.jpg A cat entrepreneur, hawking his wares.  Mmmm... everything tastes better on a stick, no?
Man, I'm going to catch heck for this piccie, aren't I. :D  It's just a joke! No mice were harmed in the making of this picture. :D
mouse021.jpg Full moon and empty head: one of those nothing pictures that I get when I have no ideas.
head_021.jpg head_022.jpg A couple more pointless heads.  I think the one on the left is from a fur shampoo advertisement. :D  On second look, maybe they both are. :D
head_023.jpg Just a head.  Different eyes, and I kind of like that ear.
bunny024.jpg bunny025.jpg vixen034.jpg Here are some efforts to draw in a more 'realistic' style.  I was rather surprised at how these faces came out; they're better than I thought I could do.  I've tried drawing hy00man type faces before, with limited success.  I guess it was sort of percolating at the back of my brain without my knowing it, so that when I tried again I did better.
head_024.jpg ...and I follow up the above better-than-my-average piccies with this lame-o pointless head.  The Muse is fickle. :/
reach001.jpg This picture was influenced by the work of Tracy Butler, my current favorite furry artist.  It doesn't look much like her excellent artwork, I know, but a couple of elements in the picture are copied from her stuff.
head_025.jpg heads_19.jpg heads_20.jpg Some headless points, er, pointless head sketches.
coon_005.jpg A generic, cute raccoon girl.

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