General furry sketches (Page 69)

Updated: 12/10/2011

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shewolf006.jpg Inked and colored version of this she-wolf drawing.  Nothing really inspired, but I think it's not bad, considering it's mostly shades of gray. :D
recline002.jpg Just a little doodle of a pretty... whatever she is, in repose.  Not much of a drawing, but I like her face. :)
bunny069.jpg Just a random bunny doodle. :)

Regular visitors (both of you) may have noticed I haven't gotten in much drawing time lately.  I guess I just have too much other stuff going on these days; some good, some not so good. :)
In any case, it looks like it's going to continue this way for a while.

warriorskunkette002.jpg Another "tribal warrior skunkette" doodle.  She's cute! :)
action_skunk_005.jpg Inked and colored version of this picture of some sort of "action skunkette", leaping into... well, action. :)
action_skunk_006.jpg Another inked and colored "action skunk" picture; this time, of this pencil drawing.

I think the pose is quite flattering of her figure, no? :) A friend of mine has enquired about what her markings are like, so I'll have to see what I can do about getting her to pose in something more revealing.  Might be tough, though.  She looks like she takes herself pretty seriously, and I don't think she'd be inclined to pose for 'cheesecake'... :D

action_skunk_007.jpg The third action skunk picture, inked and colored.  As I may have mentioned when I posted the pencil drawing, the pose is inspired by the old Aeon Flux cartoons (the original, Liquid Television ones, not the short-lived series).
dash004.jpg Some sort of random, cute, dashing critter; a mustelid of some kind, I think.
equine001.jpg An attempt at drawing an equine head.  For some reason, I've always found them very hard to get right.  This isn't too bad, I suppose, but then, a flat profile would be the easiest angle.
beachfilly001.jpg Just in time for summer, here's a cute filly with something of a MLP look.
action_skunk_008.jpg Another picture of that "action skunk" character; this time, having apparently taken a tumble.

Original pencil drawing is here.

leapinglizards002.jpg Goodness! What a lot of effort for a silly gag. :D

Original pencil drawing here.

newsuit001.jpg A skunk gal looks a little nervous about being seen in her new, somewhat revealing, bathing suit.

I like her expression. :)

scale002.jpg Just an exercise in scale, proportion, and physiques: a chinchilla and a maned wolf.
beachkitty004.jpg An appropriate summer picture: the inked and colored version of this drawing of a kitty gal at the beach. :)
rabbit001.jpg Just a, somewhat failed, attempt at drawing a less toony rabbit.
Kirruu_2011_concept_001.jpg An old friend requested a new portrait (the earlier one is here), showing her fursona having grown a bit.  This was my first stab at it, which not only doesn't really look like the character, but is just plain too glum.

It probably didn't help that it was pretty much the first time I'd put pencil to paper after a rather lengthy hiatus.

Kirruu_2011_concept_002.jpg Here's a better effort at a new Kirruu Berry portrait.  Looks more like how the character should look; to me, anyways.  And although she still looks like she's grown up a bit, she doesn't look gloomy; just mature. :)
Kirruu_2011_hair_studies_001.jpg Some efforts to puzzle out how Kirruu's hair should look.
Kirruu_2011_concept_003.jpg Another Kirruu Berry concept doodle, after some feedback from the requester.

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