General furry sketches (Page 68)

Updated: 4/23/2011

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donkeydance001.jpg I think this started out to be a vixen, but somewhere along the line, turned into a donkey.  This is odd, as I seldom draw equines.  She doesn't even have hooves!
poorbunny!001.jpg Random doodle of an unhappy-looking bunny.  Aww... poor thing.  Looks like she's being abandoned, or something. :(
vixendance001.jpg A rough sketch, trying to work out a pose.  I couldn't quite get what I was picturing in my head.
squirrelarcher001.jpg My typical, inert, 'just standing there' type pose.  Cute woodland outlaw squirrel gal, though. :)  Maybe if I drew here doing something....
She's got a bow, and a quiver of arrows... perhaps I should draw her... making pancakes!
shewolf004.jpg Not much of a picture, really.  Just an effort to break out of the 'just standing there' habit.  Not that she's doing much. :D

I do think she's pretty, though. :)

action_skunk_001.jpg Well, this may not be the most original action pose ever, but at least she's not just standing there. :D
action_skunk_002.jpg Again, a pose that's been done a million times before, and better, but definitely one with some action. :)
action_skunk_003.jpg Another 'action skunk' picture.  The idea for this pose was "borrowed" from the Aeon Flux cartoon. :)
action_skunk_004.jpg Here's that 'action skunk' again.  This time, she appears to be taking a tumble!
leapinglizards001.jpg Leaping lizards!

A fairly obvious visual gag.  I think it turned out well, though. :)

bear002.jpg Trying to figure out how to draw a bear.  I can't seem to capture the characteristics which define 'bear-ness'. :/
poorbunny!002.jpg Inked and colored version of this drawing.  I think someone's eating the last donut...
bear003.jpg Another bear attempt, another fail. :D
zap002.jpg Just a little doodle that popped up while... doodling. :)
beachkitty003.jpg Must be the wintery weather's got me thinkin' of summer. :)  Here's a cute kitty gal, in a bit of pretty beach-wear.
vixendance002.jpg Inked and colored version of this doodle.  Not the best drawing ever, but I think coloring improved it some.
lioness010.jpg I had this mental image of a cute, sexy, plump gal, in knee boots, and made her a lioness. :)
warriorskunkette001.jpg Here's a different 'action skunk'.  This one's more tribal, wearing only leather thigh-belts to hold her weapons.
squirrelarcher002.jpg Inked and colored version of this drawing.

Seeing it colored, it's obvious that the green 'shirt' thing really should have been a vest! Ah well.

brutes001.jpg Silly little doodle inspired by  It's not really a game; more of a pointless amusement.

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