General furry sketches (Page 67)

Updated: 2/19/2011

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beachkitty002.jpg I actually completed a summer-themed picture during the summer! Amazing. :D

Inked and colored version of this drawing of a pretty kitty gal – she's just a tiger-stripped cat; not actually a tigress – posing at the beach. :)

decisions001.jpg Sparks is beginning to regret having offered to help Jane "Just move a few things." :D
pony001.jpg I've never had much luck drawing equines, but had an impulse to give it a try.  Just a little sketch, but I must say that I'm actually pretty happy with how it came out!
random001.jpg I had a random image pop into my head, but I couldn't really get it right on paper. :/
orca_gal_005.jpg Another picture of that orca gal.  Once again, Sparks is included pretty much just for scale.  Unfortunately, I didn't get that right; either he's too big, or she's too small! She's really supposed to be much bigger than he is.  I think the horizonal composition threw me off.  I'll have to try this one again, I think.
orca_gal_006.jpg OK, not this is more like it.  She looks the right size now. :)
Jane004.jpg Inked and colored version of Jane002.jpg.  I think it's a rather flattering portrait of Jane Briar, a friend's character.
facedoodle001.jpg Just a random face doodle, which I think turned out pretty well.  :Really like the eyes. :)
facedoodle002.jpg Another random face doodle.  Looks rather elfin...
bunnyprisoner001.jpg Aw, the poor thing.  Will nobody help her?
hair001.jpg You're nobody in this town unless you've got really big hair! :D
myball!002.jpg Inked and colored version of this attempt at something ky00t...  I think maybe it falls more into the "creepy trough". :D
fightingstance001.jpg A wolf gal striking a rather awkward fighting pose.
bounce002.jpg Talk about "Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed"! :D Just a random, cute, perky bouncing bunny gal.  Inked and colored version of this pencil drawing.
leap003.jpg Inked and colored version of this doodle of a random leaping vixen.

I do rather like the sense of graceful motion.

polarbear004.jpg I have this mental image of a cute, cuddly polar bear gal.  I keep trying to get it to come out on paper, but every time I do, it just goes horribly wrong. :P :D

This may be closer to what I had in my head than earlier efforts, though.

orca_gal_007.jpg Finally, the inked and colored version of this picture; so much black... so little time.  I'm quite pleased at how she turned out, though.  She looks nice and shiny... and so big! As always, Sparks is pretty much there to serve as a size reference.
bunnyprisoner002.jpg Aww... poor thing.  Will nobody rescue her?

I'm quite happy with how this turned out.  I think that face is just great. :D

Oh, and the origninal pencil drawing is here.

hair002.jpg Because you're nobody in the 'floating, trance-like epiphany' business, unless you've got really big hair! :D

Inked and colored version of this picture.

vixen128.jpg Just a random doodle – the 128th, apparently – of a vixen.  Done in an attempt to do a different style from my usual.

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