General furry sketches (Page 66)

Updated: 9/11/2010

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squirrel003.jpg Squirrel girl strikes a "Marilyn Monroe" pose.  Sexy? :D
beachkitty001.jpg Ah, summer.  Pretty kitty gal looking cute at the seashore. :)
orca_gal_003.jpg Another picture of the cute orca gal from this drawing.

The problem is that, without a reference figure in the drawing, there's no way to tell that she's supposed to be big! :D

orca_gal_004.jpg Inked and colored version of this picture.  Sparks gaping at an awesome orca gal. (Actually, Sparks was only included for scale. :D )

I like this orca gal.  I hope the Muse gives me some more ideas for pictures of her.

prance002.jpg Inked and colored version of this picture of a pretty prancing filly. :)
Jane002.jpg An attempt at drawing one of my friend Todd's characters; one Jane Briar.

Doesn't really work so well.  If I draw in my style, it doesn't really look like the character, but if I try to stay "on model" it just tends to fail.

myball!001.jpg Had the urge to draw something ky00t. :D

A possessive little skunkie tyke. :D

vixenbow002.jpg Pretty vixen, taking a bow.

The idea for giving her light-colored 'socks' and 'gloves' (rather than the typical foxy dark ones) came from a drawing by a friend.

Inked and colored version of this drawing.

dobie001.jpg She's supposed to by a doberman...
Jane003.jpg Another attempt at a friend's character: Jane Briar.  I guess she kind of looks like she's supposed too... :D
sleepy001.jpg Sleepy girl. :)
bounce001.jpg An attempt to get away from my usual "character just standing there" type of picture, and draw something more dynamic.  It's a bouncy bunny. :)
produce001.jpg Something seasonal.  A grinning vixen and her produce stand at a farmer's market. :)

I think I deserve some brownie points for not making her busty, and going for a 'melons' joke. O:)

spacevix001.jpg By request: a drawing of a generic, as-of-yet unnamed space vixen. :)
skunktoes002.jpg Inked and colored version of this pencil drawing.  I don't really know why he's admiring his toes. :D  I just wanted to draw something ky00t.
bunnyboots001.jpg Cute bunny gal in a weird pose.

This actually started out being about wanting to draw a picture of a character with really wide hips...

Vyxeria001.jpg A request.  Inked and colored version of this drawing; it appears that her name is "Vyxeria". :)
jeanssketch002.jpg Just a practice sketch.

God bless Levi Strauss. :)

leap002.jpg An attempt to do something more lively than my usual 'character just standing there looking cute' poses...  It's a random, leaping vixen.

Perhaps I should attempt a leaping lizard...

swing003.jpg Another attempt at an action pose... in this case, quite a bit of action.

Man, that's one mean bunny!

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