General furry sketches (Page 65)

Updated: 7/10/2010

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floatingvixens001.jpg I'm not sure what, if anything, is supposed to be going on here.  The idea that popped into my head was really just a sort of "Sistine Chapel" kind of composition, with random, floating figures.
jackal004.jpg Just a cute, random jackal gal.  The style was inspired by the work of the artist known as "Ratiries Steelclaw", although this is a very poor imitation.
lookup003.jpg An experiment in foreshortening.  A cute experiment, though. :)

Original pencil drawing here.

feistygal001.jpg Random doodle of a cute, feisty gal.
orca_gal_001.jpg I had this mental image of an orca gal pop into my head, and this is a somewhat unsuccessful attempt to get her down on paper.
orca_gal_002.jpg Ah! This is much better.  I think she actually came out looking almost as I'd pictured her in my head.  Considering that I've not had much practice drawing this sort of creature, I was pretty pleased at how she came out.

I also sketched in Sparks to make it clear she's supposed to be quite big.  It might be tough to tell that without some sort of reference. :)

catgirl003.jpg Inked and colored version of this drawing of a random cat girl, done in the manner of a model sheet.

It's not really such a good drawing, but I thought she was cute enough to be worth coloring. :)

Halloween004.jpg Almost five months later, I finally get around to coloring this picture from last Halloween. :D

And yes, I did decide to make her a black cat.  How original! :D

prance001.jpg Pretty prancing filly. :)

I don't draw many equines.  I just can't get the heads right.

vixenbow001.jpg Pretty vixen, taking a bow.
Actually, it's more like she's striking an affected pose, that resembles a bow. :)

I like her; I should try to make her a "regular".

bunny068.jpg Inked and colored version of this drawing of a generic, cute bunny gal.

She looks kind of sly to me.  I wonder what she's up to...

hy00man002.jpg Random hy00man doodle.  You may avert your eyes. :D
Bast002.jpg Inked and colored version of this drawing of an updated take on the ancient Egyptian lioness warrior goddess, Bast.  I imagine her as more of a 'protector' than an aggressor.

My understanding is that she was later 'demoted' to a cat goddess named "Bastet", so as to take a back seat to newer male warrior gods.  That really sucks. :P

lioness007.jpg An attempt at a toony lioness.  eh...
lioness008.jpg Another lioness doodle; not so toony.

I seem to be on a lioness kick. :D

puppydancer002.jpg Inked and colored version of this picture of a playful puppy doing a cute dance. :)  A pole dance? I guess she's trying to be sexy. :)
skunktoes.jpg Random doodle of a skunk admiring his toes.  I don't know why.  It's cute, though. :)
Becky_swimsuit_002.jpg My skunkette girl, Becky, posing in a cute (yet tasteful!) swimsuit.

Original pencil drawing here.

floatingvixens002.jpg I was trying for a sort of Baroque composition here.  Picture the Sistine Chapel, with various figures floating about on the ceiling.  I don't think it really worked, though; I'm no Michelangelo! The end result looks more like a haunting. :D

Oh, and the original pencil drawing is here.

smug_wolf_001.jpg Little doodle of a wolf gal, who came out looking rather smug.  I think I had intended that she look angry.  Oh well. :)

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