General furry sketches (Page 64)

Updated: 2/20/2010

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attack!004.jpg I'm not sure is she's a squirrel or a skunk....  I think I kept forgetting which I was trying to draw, so she ended up with characteristics of both.  Perhaps she's a ninja squnk. :D

Oh yeah.  Original pencil drawing is here.

oldskool002.jpg Wow... that's a lot of pink. :D  I think it's fitting, though.  Since I was trying for a retro-80's sort of "Mega Man" look, the "Hello Kitty" colors work rather well.

Oh, and despite any resemblances, she's a wolf, not a Samurai Pizza Cat. :D

Original pencil drawing is here.

tiger_and_panthress_001.jpg A drawing request: a tiger and panthress snuggling.  Ok, so it's a pretty low-key snuggle, but it looks affectionate. :)
Halloween003.jpg Yes, it's that time of year again...  A cat-girl dressed in a sexy witch costume for Halloween.  Is that original, or what? :D

What do you want to bet that I color her black? :D

tiger_and_panthress_002.jpg Inked and colored version of this drawing; a request for a picture of a tiger and a panthress snuggling.

Not a very torrid snuggle, I know.  More like an affectionate nuzzle. :)

coy001.jpg Random kritter doodle.  Some sort of mustelid gal, looking coyly over her shoulder.
kitty013.jpg Random kitty doodle.  Rather pretty. :)
Becky009.jpg Inked and colored version of this drawing; a couple of doodles of a random skunkette character in the style of a character sheet.  She just happened to turn out so cool-looking, though, that she became a 'real' character named "Becky".
bunny067.jpg Just a random bunny gal doodle.  Not sure what she's looking so smug about. :D
Becky010.jpg Here's another picture of that 'Becky' character.  This time, it's the inked and colored version of this drawing.

I don't think she's any sort of soldier, cop, mall guard, etc.  I think she just likes posing in outfits that look cute on her. :)

Becky011.jpg Inked and colored version of this picture of my skunkette character, Becky.

Again, I don't think she's an actual cheerleader; just posing in a cute costume. :)

Bast001.jpg Bast was an ancient Egyptian lioness warrior goddess.  Apparently, she was later "demoted" to a cat goddess named 'Bastet'.  That must suck.
beachvixen001.jpg Meh...
Becky012.jpg Inked and colored versions of these studies of that cool skunkette character, Becky.
puppydancer001.jpg A non-morphic pretty puppy gal, performing a dance.

As you can see, she needs a little help with her vertical stability. :)

I realized that I don't do many non-morphic or semi-morphic characters.  It's certainly an area where I could use some practice.

skunkette006.jpg Random skunkette drawn in a slightly different style from my usual.

I think that the result somewhat resembles Kappy Rayne, although it's not intended to be a picture of her. :)

kitty015.jpg Inked and colored version of this picture of a random cat lady in what appears to be either a one-piece bathing suit, or some sort of leotard.
Becky_swimsuit_001.jpg My skunkette gal, Becky, posing (tastefully) in a cute bathing suit. :)
epiphany002.jpg Fox gal having one of those anime-ish epiphanies, which, for some reason, seem to induce bouts of trance-like levitation...

Inked and colored version of this drawing.

jockette_skunk_002.jpg Inked and colored version of this picture of a cute "jockette" skunk gal. :)

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