General furry sketches (Page 6)

Updated: 8/8/2000

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angry001.jpg An angry vixen.  It was supposed to be Ceyna Indigo, but I don't think it came out looking much like her.
ceyna033.jpg A 'big eyed' Ceyna Indigo.  An interesting look, but I don't think it suits her. :D
chip_002.jpg A toony chipmunk girl.  curvy, but clean. :D  
sktchs07.jpg Just a couple of head sketches. :)
skunk016.jpg A toony skunk girl.
bunny023.jpg A bunny licking an ice cream cone, just in case you couldn't tell. :)
mouse019.jpg A mousie in a bikini.  Ain't she cute. :)
coon_004.jpg A raccoon head.  Not the best raccoon I've ever seen, but I think it turned out ok.
heads_17.jpg I've been raiding, a site belonging to one 'Cyber the Hare'.  She's a very prolific artist, and I like the way she draws some details.  Here are a couple of sketches done under the influence of Cyber's style.  It's mostly the curve of the eyelids I'm playing with here.  I've still got eyes with irises, and I have trouble trying to draw mouths with no chins, though.
head_015.jpg head_016.jpg Here are a couple of those pointless heads I draw when I can't think of anything.  I confess to have been looking at Jeremy Bernel's site (, not for the kids... ) and the one on the right shows the influence of his 'Michele Light' eyes.
cat_016.jpg A feral cat lady.  I was just kind of doodling, and suddenly, there she was.  I like when that happens. :)
crit_013.jpg Just a critter.  I was pretty much just playing with the eyes.
lion_001.jpg @Whee! A lion lady.  This is supposed to be a 'Sheena, Queen of the Jungle' type, swinging off of a vine.
lion_002.jpg The lion lady again.  I think the pose needs some work.  I was trying for a sort of 'coiled spring' crouch and seem to have ended up with more of a constipated squat.  I like the face, though.
head_017.jpg head_018.jpg Just a couple more heads, experimenting with different eyes and face shapes, etc.
head_019.jpg Another of my classic 'generic heads', drawn 'cause I couldn't think of anything to draw. :D  Hey, couldn't have an 'all skunks' week. ;D
mouse020.jpg A mouse girl.  I rather like this one, although she does look a bit rat-like. :D
furgrl01.jpg The Fur Girls.  A piccie request.  I've been having trouble e-mailing the requester, so I'm not sure if anything more will get done with this.

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