General furry sketches (Page 59)

Updated: 2/28/2009

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alertskunkette001.jpg Random character and pose.  I rather like both, though. :)
mousiedancer002.jpg Damn, but she turned out cute. :D  Inked and colored version of this picture of a rilly fine mousie gal, having a good time. :)
foxlette002.jpg My take on a composition I liked. :)

Inked and colored version of this picture.

demure001.jpg Just a demure-looking vixen.
catitude003.jpg Inked and colored version of this picture of one sassy-looking cat gal. :)
battie001.jpg Cute battie gal. :)  I'd say this was inspired by, although it doesn't much resemble, the work of Dawn Best.
poor_thing!_002.jpg Inked and colored version of this picture of an unfortunate creature. :)
doodle010.jpg Just a little doodle; trying to get the art circuitry working again.  Cute, though. :)
vixen121.jpg Just a random pretty vixen. :)
staring001.jpg Random silliness. :)
cocoa001.jpg A nice little winter-themed picture: a snow bunny takes a break from skiing for a nice mug of hot cocoa. :)
willowyvixen002.jpg Taking another stab at drawing a very slender, willowy character.  Better, but still not quite what I'm picturing in my head.
action_vixen_002.jpg I rather like this one. :)  It's a random, action vixen, leaping into.... well, action. :)

Oh, and the original pencil drawing is here.

space_canid_001.jpg Ick! Yeah, I'm still stuck with a bad case of "artist's" block, and am still trying to force out random, crappy, sketchy doodles in an effort to get unstuck. :/
vixen122.jpg Not too bad....  Basically, this is just another random vixen, but borrowing some character design elements from — although she doesn't much resemble, and is not intended to be — Rita from Jungledyret Hugo.  Mostly I was intrigued the idea of the white part on the face extending not much further than the lower jaw, rather than flaring out onto the cheeks.
doodle011.jpg Random doodle.  Trying a different style of eyes.
kitty005.jpg Random kitty gal.
kitty006.jpg Random kitty gal, with a playful attitude. :)
cheetazonSaki001.jpg Saki, the fairy cheetah, as a fierce cheetazon warrior. :)

She's the intellectual property of her hy00man. :)

socks_and_gloves_002.jpg Inked and colored version of this picture of a vixen with... well... literal socks and gloves. :)

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