General furry sketches (Page 58)

Updated: 12/20/2008

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action_vixen_001.jpg Some sort of Action Vixen, leaping into... well... action. :D
Bagi_043_jump.jpg Inked and colored version of this bit of fan art of Bagi in action.
kittydancer002.jpg A happy dancing kitty. :)  At least, I think it's a kitty.  She actually looks a little bit canine.

Oh, the original pencil drawing is here.

weaselwoman001.jpg Just a doodle. :)
Bagi_044_studies.jpg I rather liked this set of practice Bagi sketches, so I inked and colored them.  Some are more on-model than others. :)
socks_and_gloves_001.jpg A cute vixen, with literal socks and gloves. :)
toughkitty001.jpg Tough-looking kitty gal. :)  Not really a very good drawing, but I do like her face.
kitty004.jpg Just a rather cool-looking curvy cat gal. :)
merganser002.jpg Inked and colored version of this picture.  I'm not sure from what corner of my brain this character emerged, but I think she's pretty damned cool.  I'm begining to suspect that I may be attracted to tough gals. :D

I'm generally not very good at drawing anthropomorphic birds (faces with beaks and bills are tough!), but I really like how this came out.

I also notice that the boots are pretty much the same as in the kitty004.jpg picture.  Perhaps they're both wearing variations on the same (pants optional) uniform? :D  Or maybe it's just an easy (that is, lazy) way to draw boots. :)

backache001.jpg Aw, the poor thing! Those do look rather heavy...
snaggletooth002.jpg Inked and colored version of this picture of a happy-looking snaggletoothed cat gal.

This wasn't really the shade of brown I wanted her to be.  There seems to be a big gap in Prismacolor's range of brown colored pencils; they're all either too light or too dark. :/

angrybun001.jpg Angry bunny gal, getting ready to deliver quite a kick to someone.  Some gals look so cute when they're angry. :)
chibicoon002.jpg Here's that one-legged racketty-coon gal again, looking outrageously happy and perky... and somewhat chibi-fied. :D

Inked and colored version of this pencil drawing.

gunvixen001.jpg Mediocre drawing of a vixen with a gun.
skunkturn001.jpg I wanted to draw a somewhat more dynamic pose. :)
foxie002.jpg Cute little action foxie. :)  Inked and colored version of this drawing.
stoat001.jpg Mediocre drawing of a random stoat gal.
bunizon001.jpg Another tough chick. :)  This time, it's a fierce bunizon warrior.

This drawing actually came about 'cause I wanted to try drawing a gal with outrageously wide hips. :)

snarl003.jpg Just a random, snarling... whatever she is.  The sort of random non-drawing that comes out when one is trying to overcome a case of "artist's" block.
surprise!001.jpg Kitty gets a surprise visitor. :D

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