General furry sketches (Page 55)

Updated: 7/26/2008

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cheetazon001.jpg It's a tough-looking cheetazon warrior. :)
rattiecatch002.jpg Inked and colored version of this picture of that rattie gal who I think is kind of special.
The pose is derived from the image on a medallion she wears; it suits her to a T. :)
stare001.jpg In regards to this picture, Kassandra (the fairy cheetah) remarked that I should do one like it of her and Sparks.  Always happy to oblige! O:)
vixlette001.jpg Just a ky00t li'l vixen. :)
Bootsie001.jpg Cat girl with an attitude (and a penchant for leather straps, apparently. :D )
spacebunny001.jpg It's... a space bunny.  What more is there to say? :)
Bagi_032_kneel.jpg Inked and colored version of this picture of Bagi, apparently assessing a situation.

One of my better efforts at drawing the character. :)

cat_n_mouse004.jpg Just a cute cat 'n' mouse. :)  Kinda messed up on the eyes; I don't like the way they look. :P
giraffegirl001.jpg I've always wanted to draw a picture of a cute giraffe girl. :)  Finally got around to it. :)
li'lcheetah002.jpg Inked and colored version this drawing of a spunky li'l cheetah gal. :)
AceOfSpades001.jpg This is a preliminary drawing for a request to help out with designing a honey badger character for a logo for Ace of Spades.  Working on inking and coloring now. :)
Bagi_034.jpg Bagi in one of her more feral moments.  That's one of the things about the character that fascinates me: the way she can go from acting like a sort of super hero to seeming more like a wild animal.
Bagi_035_jump.jpg Inked and colored version of this picture of Bagi in a fairly classic anime "floating jump" pose.
Bagi_036_snarl.jpg Bagi, acting more like a regular mountain lion. :)
AceOfSpades002.jpg Inked and colored version of this picture request.  It's an image for inclusion in a logo.
kittylady001.jpg Just a pretty, plump kitty lady, posing saucily with a diaphanous drapery protecting her modesty. :)
kittydancer001.jpg A happy dancing kitty gal. :)
summerbunny001.jpg Cute bunny, taking advantage of the warm weather to show off her new summer outfit. :)
pensive001.jpg Mediocre drawing of some sort of critter looking pensive.
toughcustomer001.jpg Inspired by that character from the old Arthur cartoons.  You know the one I mean? One of the "tough customers"? I think her name was Molly.  Anyhow, this might be her as a teen-ager. :)

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