General furry sketches (Page 54)

Updated: 6/7/2008

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lynx002.jpg A pretty lynx gal strikes a sexy pose. :)
Bagi_027_groom.jpg Inked and colored version of this picture of Bagi grooming her fur. :)

Yes, I know that few people know who this character is, let alone why I think she's so cool, but I want to draw what I want to draw. :)

li'lvix003.jpg Just in time for spring, here's a nice, winter-themed picture. :D  It's the inked and colored version of this picture of a little vixen out enjoying a snowfall. :)
kitty003.jpg This picture started out so promising – looking like it would turn out really cute – then somehow just went wrong, turning out completely lifeless. :P
Bagi_028_kneel.jpg Bagi, in a scouting pose; apparently assessing a situation as she formulates a plan...

I like the pose, and I think this picture is a good likeness of the character. :)

li'lcheetah001.jpg Just a very chipper, cute li'l cheetah gal. :)
vixen119.jpg Inked and colored version of this picture of a pretty vixen, looking wistful.
Bagi_029_jump.jpg Bagi, in something of a classic anime 'floating jump' pose.
bunnygal005.jpg Sexy bunny gal, striking a pensive pose.

When I started out, this was actually supposed to be about the flow of her hair.

dinogal001.jpg An attempt at drawing a dino gal who popped up in my head.  Not terribly successful – I have very little experience drawing saurians.  Look for more attempts to follow.
rattiecool001.jpg It's that rattie again, chillin', and lookin' cool. :)
rlyqt001.jpg The concept here was to draw something really, really ky00t. :D  I think I did pretty well. :)
Brrr!002.jpg It looks like this cute skunkette decided to go skinny-dipping just a little too early in the spring. :)

Inked and colored version of this drawing.

gravidkitty001.jpg Just a pretty, expectant kitty mommy. :)
bunnybutt001.jpg Bunny gal showing off her cute tail. :)
dinogal002.jpg Ugh.  Another attempt at a dino gal picture.  This one is even lamer than my first attempt! :P
Bagi_030.jpg Inked and colored version of this drawing.  It's just a simple, but somewhat flattering portrait.  I'm pretty happy with it.
dragon11.jpg Inked and colored version of this drawing of a pretty, captive dragoness.
dinogal003.jpg Heh.  Gotta watch those lines-of-sight! :D
perkyvixen001.jpg An unbearably gloomy, depressing, emo, goth vixen.

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