General furry sketches (Page 53)

Updated: 4/19/2008

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sadrattie002.jpg It's that rattie, who I think is really rather special, looking a bit down. :(

Inked and colored version of this pencil drawing.

Bagi_020_sit.jpg Jeeze.  This almost looks like a pin-up. :D  I don't really want to start doing that.
li'lvix002.jpg A cute little winter-themed picture: a little vixen catching snowflakes on her tongue. :)
mare005.jpg A fetching mare demonstrates that one need not have an idealized figure to be really sexy. ;)

Original pencil drawing for this picture is here.

Bagi_021.jpg Meh.  Not such a good drawing.
Bagi_022_studies.jpg The original pencil drawing for this was really just a set of sketches which I did in an effort to learn how to draw the character.  I think they turned out well enough, though, to be worth inking and coloring. :)
vixen116.jpg Just a pretty vixen striking a wistful pose.
Bagi_023.jpg Bagi, striking a somewhat aggressive pose; probably facing some sort of threat.
Brrr!001.jpg A skinny-dipping skunkette finds the water a bit chillier than she had expected. :D
morningstretch001.jpg A random cute mousie gal enjoys a wake-up stretch. :)
Bagi_024.jpg Just a random Bagi drawing.  I'm pretty happy with it, though, just 'cause it actually looks like the character. :)
Bagi_025_jump.jpg I didn't get much art stuff done this week, 'cause I had a cold and didn't much feel like it.  I did, however, manage to get this drawing of Bagi in an action pose inked and colored.  I'm pretty happy with it. :)
Oh, and the original pencil drawing is here. :)
dragon10.jpg At Kassandra's request, I finally took another stab at this picture idea (after almost seven years!).  It turns out that, yes, it is indeed a girl dragon. :)
dressedup002.jpg Kind of a silly joke, but I still like the picture. :)

Oh, and the original pencil drawing is here.

Bagi_026_jump.jpg Inked and colored version of this passable drawing of Bagi, making a leap. :)
pi-rat001.jpg Lame, ancient pun. :)

He who would pun would pick a pocket!

rattiecatch001.jpg Here's that very special rattie again, this time, demonstrating her athletic prowess. :)

This drawing is based on a new medallion of hers.  I thought the pose was a natural for her. :)

curvymousie001.jpg The concept for this rather odd picture was to draw a character with something of an extreme figure; specifically, very wide hips with a rather small chest.
sonicycritter002.jpg A sonicy critter of indeterminate species.  I think she might be a mink. :)

Inked and colored version of this pencil drawing.

bunny066.jpg Rather freaky looking bunny. :D

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