General furry sketches (Page 52)

Updated: 3/1/2008

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ferret07.jpg Meh.  This is one of those pictures where, when I look at it fresh after letting it sit for a while, I wonder if I drew it with my eyes shut. :P

Like the face, though. :)

CaramelDansen002.jpg Inked and colored version of this drawing of my 'Sonic-y Trio' attempting that caramel danse thingee.  I don't think I did a good job of portraying the whole hip-swinging business...  Still, I think the gals look awfully cute. :)
Bagi_013_jump.jpg バギ (Bagi) fan art: here our heroine leaps into action. :)

I'm a little surprised that there isn't more Bagi fan art out on the web, and that what little there is seems to be off-model and/or perverted. :P  Maybe nobody else is interested in trying to draw her on-model and in character. :/

birdgirl002.jpg A pretty birdie shows off her plumage in this inked and colored version of this pencil drawing.  The picture was actually drawn because I wanted to draw a character with a blue and yellow color scheme; the pose and design and such were entirely secondary.

I couldn't find the right blues in my Prismacolors, so I dusted off my old Prang's for this drawing.  It made me wonder how I ever was able to get anything colored with those awful things. :D  It took forever to coax the pigment onto the paper, and even then, it didn't want to go on smoothly and evenly. :P

captive007.jpg Aw... this poor little mouse boy has been taken prisoner.  What terrible fate awaits him...?

Pretty crappy drawing. :P

Bagi_sketches_002.jpg Practice, practice, practice... :)
chibivixenprincess002.jpg She's supposed to be some sort of a princess, although I don't know if she's actually royalty, or just very, very spoiled.She enjoys teasing and tormenting all the poor, helpless males who foolishly become smitten with her. ;)

Inked and colored version of this pencil drawing.

Bagi_016_run.jpg Bagi running at full speed.

Her nature must have provided some challenges for her character designers and animators, and I think they did quite well with her.  For example: when she needs to move at maximum speed, she runs with a typical big cat quadrupedal gallop, with both forelimbs moving together, and both hindlimbs moving together.  With her humanoid proportions, she might have looked quite awkward when moving on all fours, but her people did right by her.  She looks natural, graceful, and believable in both upright and four-footed modes.

boots_n_bottoms_002.jpg I'm not really sure who these two are.  Action heroines? Ravers? A couple of girl scouts who sell more cookies than you can believe? :D

I dunno.  Anyhow, they're awfully cute and dynamic. :)

Oh, and the original pencil drawing for this is here.

lynx001.jpg This is a pose idea which I thought would be kind of cute — looking back over her shoulder, with peek-a-boo hair — but I don't think it really turned out like I had hoped.
bunnygal004.jpg Saucy bunny gal strikes a provocative pose in the inked and colored version of this pencil drawing. :)
Bagi_017_turn.jpg Another piece of Bagi fan art, depicting her in something of an action pose.
li'lvix001.jpg Just a cheerful, perky lil vixen. :)
Bagi_018_claw.jpg Not a bad likeness, but so lifeless. :/
Bagi_019_groom.jpg Ah, much better! :)
sonicycritter001.jpg Sonic-y critter of indeterminate species.  Something in the weasel family, though, I think.

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