General furry sketches (Page 5)

Updated: 8/8/2000

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ccnut001.jpg Another drawing request, this time from Coconut Rushmore.   I found out that she's supposed to be lop-eared, though, so I'll have to fix that.
ccnut006.jpg ccnut007.jpg ccnut008.jpg More sketches, working on the picture request for Coconut Rushmore.
ccnut009.jpg The final portrait of Coconut Rushmore.
bianca06.jpg Another model picture for Steve Plunkett's new bunny puppet, Bianca.   She'll have a costume when she's done, but this unclothed study is so the puppet maker can see her body shape and markings.  I think she's going to use up a lot of stuffing. :D
bianca07.jpg Another model picture for Steve Plunkett's new bunny puppet, Bianca.
bianca8.jpg Here's a picture I did of Bianca for constructing a fake photo of her and Steve Plunkett.
bianca8a.jpg And here's the drawing, composited with a con photo of Steve do show what the final puppet might look like.
bunny022.jpg I wanted to draw a picture of a bunny with glasses, so here it is. :)   I find lady furs with glasses rather cute, and I should draw more of them.
bianca09.jpg bianca10.jpg bianca11.jpg Some more pencil drawings of Steve Plunkett's Bianca.  These are intended primarily to show the puppet maker what she might wear, but obviously I wanted some cute poses too. :)
bianca12.jpg Another costume model of Bianca, but no cute pose.
mbk_001.jpg A picture request from MaryBesh Kiczenski of her winged wuff character, SapphireWulf.  From the number of drawings I've seen on Yerf, I think she hit up a lot of artists. :D
raz002.jpg Another picture request, this time for a cute raccoon gal named Raz.   Here's a sketch for the final drawing.
raz003.jpg Here's the final drawing.  While I was in the middle of coloring this, I saw a piccie on Yerf by Shelly Monahan called lemrleap.jpg.  It's a picture of another ring-tailed critter in a similar pose, but I swear I came up with this one independently. :D
kellyf01.jpg Kelly Hamilton put a piccie on Yerf titled 'kellyfur.jpg'.  In the description, she said 'Now, it you really like me, you'll draw a picture of me....'   Well, I thought the character is a real cutieboots, so I thought I'd have a go at drawing her. :) Is she a vixen-tailed ferret? A ferret-eared vixen? I dunno, but she sure is ky00t. :)
sktchs05.jpg I stumbled across Andrew Thompson's incredible 'Sketch A Day' site ( ) and have been inspired to go back to doing some drawings in a very toony style.   My style is always toony, of course, but lately I've mostly been drawing characters with more human proportions and shapes.  I think I'd like to do more pictures based around the classic toony 'beanbody'. :D
sktchs06.jpg A couple more pointless sketchs; a cute squirrel girl and a vixen.

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