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Updated: 8/12/2006

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Speedy001.jpg From somewhere at the back of my brain, a third character bubbled up, wanting to join the team of the 'Clobber' skunk and 'Vixie' the vixen.  My first efforts to draw her didn't go to well, so I did the head picture to better pin down what she should look like before attempting any other poses.

She is a cheetah, and like the other two characters is drawn in a somewhat Sonic-y style.  She insists on going by the moniker 'Speedy'.  I tried to tell her that this name is rather corny and clichéd, but sometimes these characters have a mind of their own.

trio001.jpg And here they all are together: 'Speedy' the cheetah, 'Clobber' the skunk, and 'Vixie' the fox.  I think these are all nick-names, and not their real names.  I mean, what parents would name their daughter 'Clobber'? :D

I don't yet know if any others will be joining this little team.  I think that three is a good set – like the Three Stooges – but I have no way of knowing what other characters may be lurking about in the back of my mind.

skunks003.jpg Just a bunch of skunks, standing around and looking cute.  What do you call a group of skunks, anyway; a stink?
phox001.jpg This drawing is a variation on an image I did back in 2000.  A visitor saw the original, thought it would make a nice image for her web site, and requested permission to use it there.  Upon discussing, though, we decided that the vixen in the original image was a bit too scrawy – the site is to be called "The Zaftig Fox", and is to specialize in selling apparel for zaftig gals – so I'm working up an improved version. :)

Although I had put the original drawing in the adult section, upon reflection I've decided that the pose is really tame enough for general viewing.

lildebbil002.jpg Inked and colored version of lildebbil001.jpg.  I rather like this color scheme, even if it is more of a red fox motif on a vixen with rather fennec-y ears.
phox002.jpg Inked and colored version of this picture of a zaftig fox.  It's a bit of site art for an online store called The Zaftig Fox, which will specialize in apparel for cuddly gals. :)

I believe that it's still under development, but go ahead and Google "Zaftig Fox" to check. :)

smak!001.jpg I'm sure I can't be the first person to think of this joke.  It seems a bit obvious, but I still think it's funny. :D

Oh, and to any and all birdy gals I know (particularly my adoptive daughter, Blackbird), it's not you! :D  It's just a random, morphic, bird girl. :)

winter002.jpg Now that it's actually spring, (almost summer, even), I've inked and colored this wintery picture of a snow leopard gal out enjoying a stroll on a nice, sunny day. :)
1st_date002.jpg It was requested... ok, demanded* that I ink and color this old picture of a big sister helping her little sister get ready for her first date.
As the crowning touch, big sis removes a much coveted and greatly admired gold heart chain from her own neck, to place it on that of her somewhat awe-struck sibling.  The younger sister is clearly astonished to be receiving this treasure.  I suspect it may have previously been a subject of some sibling rivalry and jealousy.

*For the love of flying vampire cows, no less...

coon011.jpg Here she is again; that cute, one-legged raccoon gal.  This time, she's modeling her sexy summer swimwear. :)

I need to figure out what her name is.  She hasn't told me yet.

trio002.jpg Here's that trio again.  Of the three gals, Speedy the cheetah seems to be the most well-adjusted one.  I mean, Clobber the skunk clearly has anger management issues, while Vixie the fox has a rather aggressive nature.  By comparison, Speedy seems rather cheerful and calm.

She's not without her own little quirks, though.  In fact, she is obsessed with her own speed, to the point of being, well... rather annoying. :D

arcticvixen002.jpg I'm not sure what possessed me to ink and color this picture; I mean, she's pretty much just white! I guess it was more that I wanted nice, cleanly inked solid lines than that I thought coloring would add much to the image. :D
princess001.jpg Sort of a middle-eastern fairy tale skunkette princess, like Scheherazade from 1001 Arabian Nights... or Princess Jasmine from Disney's Aladdin, for those of you who don't like books. ^_^
cat_n_mouse003.jpg @Wheee! Inked and colored version of this picture of a rather enthusiastic cat girl who's caught herself a reluctant mousie boy.  I wonder what terrible fate she has in mind for him. }:)
poledragon001.jpg Just a pole dancing dwaggy gal. :)
bookworm001.jpg A cute, intellectual skunkette. :)
happycat001.jpg Just a cute, curvy cat gal, with a positive attitude. :)
Azali'penda_and_Stanley_001.jpg My friend, Azali'penda the cheetah, shows off her friend, Stanley the cactus, while wearing her birthday hat.

Stanley may look like trouble, but he's a good cactus....   Really.

rivals002.jpg I believe that the original inspiration for this picture came from various documentaries which depicted the rather fierce animosity that lions have toward cheetahs.  I just drew it in anthropomorphic form.

The result ends up looking like some sort of allegory; perhaps about domestic violence.  Or, with the lion being in western clothes, and the cheetah in some sort of primitive garb, an allegory about colonialism.

In the end, though, I think it's really about all the beautiful and delicate things in the world, which are constantly at the mercy of the mean, cruel, and brutish.

Oh, and it's the inked and colored version of this picture.

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