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Updated: 6/3/2006

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ferret06.jpg This rather mediocre picture was really just an excuse to try to draw a cool shirt that one of my co-workers was wearing the other day.  I'm afraid I didn't capture it very well, but it had a rather stylish collar that folds over itself in a way which reminded me of a Moebius strip.
captives002.jpg A couple of skunk prisoners – I think they're brother and sister; maybe even fraternal twins – appear to be nervously awaiting their fate.  Awww... poor things. :(
I don't really think anything too horrible is going to happen to them, though.  who could do anything mean to a couple of mugs like that? :D

Oh yeah.  This is the inked and colored version of this pencil drawing.

spotter001.jpg A lynx gymnast and her wolf coach.

This is really little more than an attempt at a multiple character pose.  I need to do more of those. :)

cuddle002.jpg I wanted to create a picture which portrayed a bit of genuine love and affection, as well as one with a bit more composition to it than just a single character standing around doing nothing.  I'd say it's not entirely successful in either regard, but isn't a complete flop either.
catangel001.jpg Ah, here we go.  Finally, a depiction of a 'good girl' angel who is just as hot as a 'bad girl' demon. :)
marsupialdragon001.jpg There's a little bit of a story behind these two pictures.  While doing a Google image search – for what, I don't recall now – I stumbled across a picture of 'Matilda', the mascot for the 1982 Commonwealth Games, which were held in Brisbane, Australia...

A kangaroo? C'mon.  I mean, she's cute and all, but what a cliché.  Couldn't they have used even a little imagination, and come up with something – anything – more clever?

Well, here's my idea of what would have made for a more imaginative, yet still clearly Australian mascot: a marsupial dragon (unnamed, as of yet).

Ok, enough on the subject.  I know how much the rest of the world just looooves it when Americans tell them their business.  Besides, they came up with a more original concept for the 2006 Commonwealth Games in Melbourne.

sillygag002.jpg Inked and colored version of this silly gag, which has a bit of fun with the amiguities of word order in the English language.  Aw, poor Sparks.  Frustrated again. :D
coon010.jpg I thought that the character featured in coon009.jpg was worth revisiting.  Here she strikes a glamour pose. :)
buds001.jpg A couple of cute gals pose for a picture while enjoying a day at the beach. :)
catfight002.jpg Looks like this cat lady is coming off badly in a confrontation.

Inked and colored version of catfight001.jpg.

I rather like this character's coloring; it seems a little unusual for a cat.  I particularly like her silver hair.  You know, with all the creative ways gals color their hair these days – with streaks and highlights and flashes of flourescent color – I'm surprised you don't see anyone going for this color.  I think it'd be quite striking.

dancers009.jpg A she-wolf and a skunkette having a fun night out.  Are they gay? I don't really know, and I guess it's none of my business.  I just know that I prefer drawing gals, so there's two of them rather than a guy. :D
face-off001.jpg Here we have Vixie, the vixen from vixie003.jpg, and the unnamed skunkette from clobber001.jpg (heck, let's just name her 'Clobber' and be done with it) squaring off for some kind of fight.  I believe it's one of those "Robin Hood and Little John" fights, though, where they wind up best friends when it's over.  Just as well for the skunkette, too, since I believe that Vixie usually carries a gun. :D
rathearts002.jpg Here we have a rather comely albino rat gal modeling her new swimsuit.  I don't believe that it's suitable for actual beach wear, but rather is worn only in more intimate settings. :)

Inked and colored version of rathearts001.jpg.

lionesses001.jpg A mediocre drawing of a couple of semi-morphic lionesses.

I think that, originally, I was going to have them posing with captured prey, but the composition didn't really work for that, and I got lazy.

schoolgirlskunkette002.jpg A pretty well-grown skunkette doing the 'sexy schoolgirl' thing, presumably for the mutual entertainment of herself and her lover. :)

Inked and colored version of this picture.

touche002.jpg Ouch! A bit of swordplay, in a kind of Kill Bill vein.
wedgie001.jpg YOINK! AUUUUGH! :D
bunbun001.jpg Mmm... Cuddly bunbun. :)
tacofest002.jpg Heh.  What a cute and diverse little group.  Mmmm... makin' me hungry! :9

Oh, this is the inked and colored version of this picture.

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