General furry sketches (Page 42)

Updated: 4/15/2006

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tacofest001.jpg Taco fest! Mmmm.... who doesn't love Mexican food? O;9~

Wow, I drew an equine that one can actually tell is supposed to be a horse. :D  Horse heads are difficult for me.

lildebbil001.jpg Beware! It's a wicked li'l fennec imp!
winter001.jpg Here's another, and I believe, more successful, attempt at a winter themed picture with snow leopard. :)
Franklin001.jpg Just a little doodle I did while watching a History Channel documentary about Benjamin Franklin on his birthday.
mink006.jpg Just an effort to draw a more 'realistic' portrait; a random, unnamed mink.
Friday001.jpg A playful portrait of Kkatman's character/fursona, Friday. :)

Friday is ©2006 by Kkatman, and was drawn with permission.

coon009.jpg I was a little surprised when a commenter observed that I'd never colored this picture of a cute raccoon gal with an artificial leg.  I could have sworn that I had, but evidently I never did. O_o  Well, now, finally, here is the inked and colored version.

I think that the way she's flashing a peace sign may give the impression that the picture has more of a "political" message than I actually intended.  The original idea was simply to depict a young lady who, despite a wee mishap, is clearly still happy and adorable. :)  I don't really mind, though, if people want to perceive her as some sort of poster girl for land mine awareness. :D

arcticvixen001.jpg I've always thought that there was something very appealing about artic vixens.  I love Shawntae Howard's Artica, and Chris Evans' Anastasia.  I'm not quite sure exactly what it is about them....  A tendency to a bit of stockiness? The shorter ears and muzzles? Their muzzle markings?
I drew this picture in an effort to puzzle out what the essential details of 'arctic vixen-ness' might be.  I think I managed to capture a little of what I was trying for, but not much.  I think this is something I'll have to pursue further in the future.
sausagefest001.jpg You knew this one was coming, didn't you....

What can I say? These guys really love their sausages.

cat_n_mouse002.jpg Wheee! Looks like this cat girl has caught herself a mouse. :)
avengingangel001.jpg Drawn as a complement to this 'devil girl' picture, it's an avenging angel lioness.  Overtones of Saint Mark.

So... why is it that the bad girl seems cuter? I'll have to try to draw a picture that shows that good girls are hot too. :)

rivals001.jpg It seems that lions and cheetahs don't make the best of neighbors...
clobber002.jpg Inked and colored version of this picture of a 'Sonic-y' skunkette springing into action.

I think someone's about to be on the receiving end of a major butt-whuppin'. :D

haremvix001.jpg Just a pretty harem vixen. :)
ka-blam!001.jpg An attempt at some comic book type action.  Meh.
ratangel001.jpg Here's an attempt at the idea of drawing a 'good girl' who's just as hot as a 'bad girl'.  It's not a bad first try, but I think I'll have to revisit this concept in the future.
vixie003.jpg A cute little 'Sonic-y' vixen.  Seems she has her tough side and her sweet side. :)
manedwolf001.jpg I wanted to draw an anthro maned wolf, showing off her long 'socks' and 'gloves'.   Well, this picture does show off the markings, but the pose is pretty lame.  Another concept that I'll probably need to revisit. :)
supersquirrel001.jpg It's... SuperSquirrel! :D  Not much to say about this, really.  Just an attempt at a dynamic pose and a bad pun.
point002.jpg A bunny ballerina up on point. :)

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