General furry sketches (Page 41)

Updated: 2/25/2006

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captives001.jpg Looks like someone has captured a pair of tribal skunks, who await their fate with evident trepidation.

Oh, and I think they are brother and sister, and not some sort of couple. :)

Florita002.jpg A pretty skunkette poses, a tad nervously, for her portrait.  I think she's a bit shy and self-conscious. :)

Oh yeah, the original pencil drawing for this picture is here.

head059.jpg I've done a couple of collaborations with Michelle P.; inking and coloring her line art.  Well, she wanted to take a stab at coloring one of my drawings, and asked be to create one of my 'generic head' drawings for the purpose.  This is what I came up with. :)
cigar004.jpg Inked and colored version of this picture of my, as of yet unnamed, 'soldier of fortune' aviatrix cat-gal character.
Dash002.jpg This was a request from 'Briar, the white wolf', for an anthropomorphic portrait of her pet fox, Dash.  He looks like a bit of a rake, don't you think? :)

I'll start inking and coloring this one as soon as I finish the piece I'm working on now. :)

tigerdancer001.jpg Wow, this drawing's actually not too bad.

Every now and then, something like this slides off my pencil, and makes me think that maybe I really am improving with practice. :)

incoming002.jpg A bat girl*, who's evidently some sort of heroine, looks a bit startled as she dodges incoming ground fire in the inked and colored version of this drawing.

*Not to be confused with the famous 'Spider Woman'. O:)

CLBwaBFG002.jpg Inked and colored version of this picture of a CLB with a BFG. :)
Ishaicon001.jpg A muppet loving friend of mine put out a request to all of her friends to create some new icons that she could use for her LJ account, and this is the concept I came up with. :)
windy002.jpg Just in time for the Holiday season, we have the inked and colored version of this picture of a cute skunkette having a bit of difficulty tyring to enjoy a windy summer's day at the beach. :)

Actually, it might not be so out of season as it seems.  I mean, she could certainly be a Southern Hemisphere skunkette, no? :)

catfight001.jpg Uh oh.  It looks like this tough catgirl adventurer is coming off a bit worse in a fight than she anticipated.
ZafaraAisha001.jpg Here we have a NeoPets request.  I've always thought NeoPets were kind of cute, and wanted to have a go at drawing some, so when I got a request for a portrait of a Zafara and an Aisha, I was happy to give it a try. :)
The requester and I seem to have difficulty communicating, though, so I'm not sure it'll ever get further than this pencil drawing. :/
Ashe002.jpg Inked and colored version of this picture of a rather svelte and slinky, yet tough skunkette, inspired by the character of Ashe in the movie Army of Darkness.

I emphasize 'inspired by' because a couple of commenters on the pencil drawing seemed to think that it was supposed to be the character from the movie, only in skunkette form, and pointed out how it was a poor or inaccurate likeness.  It's not the character from the movie, though; just something from my own head... well, except the pants with the zip-on lower legs.  I stole those from my friend Larissa. :)

Scooter001.jpg Another attempted picture request -- for a 'spotless cheetah' named Scooter -- that wasn't what the requester was looking for.

I think I'm gonna pass on picture requests for a while.  I'm just finding them frustrating, and I have things I'd rather be doing with my limited leisure time. :/

fairy-et001.jpg It's a 'fairy-et'....  A fairy-et... get it?

Ok, so it's a really dumb pun. :D  I think she's cute, though. :)

rathearts001.jpg I think that this nice rat girl is modeling her pretty (and rather skimpy) Valentine's Day dainties for her sweetie a little early. :)
schoolgirlskunkette001.jpg A pretty well grown skunkette, playing at being a schoolgirl. :)
skunkie002.jpg Inked and colored version of this picture of a somewhat Sonic-y, dynamic, super heroine skunkette.
needahug001.jpg The concept was to draw a fur looking like she needs a hug.  I think that I'll have to revisit the idea, as this take on it doesn't really work for me.
snowleopard001.jpg I'm not crazy about this one, either.  I wanted to draw a nice, winter themed picture, and a snow leopard seemed a good idea for it.  I'm not happy with how this turned out, but I've already started on another drawing with the same general theme, which I think will be better.

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