General furry sketches (Page 40)

Updated: 11/26/2005

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yo_002.jpg Inked and colored version of this picture.  I tried a different color scheme for this homegirl, which I think of as a 'golden skunk'.  I think that it works rather well. :)
tabby002.jpg This picture, the inked and colored version of this picture, is actually based on a young woman I see around the office.  She always strikes me as rather amiable and likable, so I based this plump 'n' cuddly cat girl on her. :)
fierce002.jpg I think I'll call this color scheme a 'cinnamon skunk'.  Or maybe it's a 'caramel skunk'.  I have been admiring the awsome work of Caramel Kitteh lately, so perhaps I was unconsiously influenced to favor these colors. :D

This is the inked and colored version of this picture of a fierce-looking tribal skunk gal. :)

bath001.jpg I've owed my friend, Azalipenda, a picture of her and her baby, B'elena, for a while now.  The Muse finally gave me an idea for a cute picture of the two of them together.  Oddly enough, the idea wasn't the one in this picture. :D  When I sat down to draw the original idea, I realized pretty quickly that it was going to be a tad beyond my abilities, particularly since I'd not attempted a depiction of B'elana before.  As you can tell, I haven't practiced non-morphic animals enough.

The Muse, however, having put the idea of drawing a picture of the two in my head, was nice enough to give me this image; a concept I'd had kicking around for a while, but which hadn't quite clicked before. :)

Ashe001.jpg This drawing is clearly derivative of the 'Ash' character in the movie Army of Darkness.  Except the pants, that is, which are stolen from my friend Larissa. :)
jackal002.jpg It's a jackal? Oh, ok.  To me, she now looks more like a German shepherd, or a grey fox, but since the file name on the original pencil drawing says she's a jackal, then I guess she must be a jackal. :D  What do I know from jackals? :)
houri002.jpg Inked and coloured version of this picture of a sultry harem raccoon gal. :)
wolfrose001.jpg A picture request: a curvy black wolf holding a black rose.  Yes, I know that neither the wolf nor the rose is black yet; I was too lazy to try to shade in the pencil drawing.  That'll have to wait until inking and coloring. :)
head058.jpg Head doodle #58.  I haven't really been in an art mood this week, mostly because there were other things I felt like doing more. :)
skunkie001.jpg Rough doodle of a toony skunkie, done in a effort unstick a spell of "artist's" block.  A bit Sonic-y; she might ink and color up well. :)
lioness003.jpg Again, something dashed off rather hastily in an effort to get the ol' right brain in gear; a mediocre lioness.
Angel001.jpg A picture request from my #1 fangirl, Megan.  It's an anthropomorphized depiction of her dog, Angel.
cat_n_mouse001.jpg When I originally drew these doodles, they were just a couple of random heads, done in a couple of different styles, which happened to be on the same piece of paper.  I think they juxtapose rather well, though -- as if the mouse is looking askance at the cat -- so I left them together in the inked and colored version. :)

Oh, and they're both female, by the way.  I know the mouse doesn't look as girly as the cat.

Tane001.jpg A picture request.  The character's name is 'Vitaliny'; or 'Tane' for short.  I would guess that it's pronounced "TAH-nay", but I don't know for sure. :)

There will be a couple of tweaks when this drawing gets inked and colored, at the requester's direction, but I think I got the character down resonably well. :)

Kappy001.jpg The pencil drawing for my half of an art trade with Kappy Rayne.
Here we have my skunk fursona, Sparks, giving a shoulder massage to a rather pensive looking Kappy. :)
At least, I think she's pensive.  She does look a tad morose.  Or perhaps she's just bored with Sparks' idle babble.  That happens to me a lot. ;)
clobber001.jpg More skunkitude! An as of yet unnamed sonic-y skunkette leaps into action.

I'm actually quite pleased with how this turned out. :)

wetvixen002.jpg I think that this picture illustrates pretty well why I usually don't bother with backgrounds in my pictures.  I spent hours coloring walls, curtains, the floor, etc. with my colored pencils.  It was really boring, and the results look like crap. :D

I prefer to use my limited art time on the characters themselves, rather than on stuff like that.

Anyhow, this is the inked and colored (tediously and crappily) version of this picture.

icecream002.jpg Ick... Looking at this now, I wonder if I drew it with my eyes closed, or what. :P
sorceress002.jpg I have to admit that this sorceress character was inspired by Krystal from the Starfox Adventures game, but the original pencil drawing ended up looking a bit more derivative than I intended.  I resisted the impulse to color her blue, though, so now she's more her own character. :)
flutterby001.jpg A space explorer vixen encounters a pretty new lifeform on an alien planet.

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